A recording label better known as SBSB has introduced us to An Artist named Clavé! Clavé was born in North Carolina and raised in Florida. There he has been creating unique music for the world. We have witnessed Clavé doing his thing in the studio and, this young man has Talent! With a Capital T, . The first thing we noticed about Clavé in the studio was that he never used any lyrical notes to read off, Everything he was putting out was straight out his mouth and on to a track. We sat down with Clavé to ask him a few personal questions about his musical career which is growing rapidly! 

We asked Clavé, Q: What has brought him to music ? As he was quick to reply he said.., “A rock band I discovered in middle school called Rage Against The Machine, opened my eyes to the world of music. I can’t really explain what it was, but that band sparked my love for music”. So as the world gets to know more of Clavé we all learn that this is something that grew inside of him from a early age in life. In thoughts that, like any other artist Clavé wrote his own lyrics as well, We asked him.. Q: What inspires him to come up with the lyrics he puts out there, And what he said about that blew our minds as he replied saying…“I actually don’t write my lyrics, I step up the mic, close my eyes and let my subconscious do the work. The lyrics manifest out of soul and bleed into the beat”. And right there we totally understood in detail and full effect of what the Recording Studio SBSB was referring to when The Owner & Founder said to us, “Clavé has an Amazing Talent!”. Right there we knew we had to keep this interview going with this artist known as Clavé! 

We immediately went on to ask Clavé, .. Q: What is the message that you want to bring across to the world  with your music ? Very confidently Clavé replied… “The message I wanna bring across, in my music is artistry. Taking creative risks with your music or what ever it is you do in life! That’s how you push boundaries and advance into something completely new.” Which is something anyone who meets him or knows him personally can see that he is a Go-getter and is a very much an ambitious person not to mention outgoing. We continued to ask him more questions as he became an open book, we now asked Clavé, Q: Where do you see yourself in five years from now ? He replied… “5 years from now I see myself living in a condo in Tokyo tripping on acid living my best life! Which we hope that his visions become a reality but away from the acid we as fans don’t want to see another talent wasted and taken away from the same things that take away our artists now.  


We went on to ask Clavé, Q: Do your lyrics come from past experiences and / or future hopes/dreams ? Clave replied… “My lyrics come from the past, present and future”. So here we see that Clavé has a bigger mind then your average artist not many artist can put out lyrics of what the future will one day become. As we are fans of Clavé we know his music and have become very fond of some songs and have our favorites one song is called (Smoke Break) So we just had to ask Clavé , Q: Where did the song Smoke break come from ? And once again Clavé amazed us with his reply as he went on to mention… “My song Smoke Break was inspired by me being burnt out in middle of recording my first mix tape, I needed a smoke break from all the work I was putting in. And that folks is the answer only of a person that is motivated to never quit. As he mentioned previously “push boundaries”!.. Clavé proved that with his first mixtape! 

After discussing one of our many favorite songs titled (Smoke break), We just had to keep questioning Clavé of the more songs we favorite from him, So We went on to ask.. Q: How was your experience filming your latest video titled (Dark Thoughts) ? And his reply was.. “Shooting the video for Dark Thoughts was interesting, I covered myself in blood and chained myself to tree. We shot around midnight in pitch black darkness in the woods. This cool ass dude called TrillPhonk premiered it on his channel which I gained a lot of exposure from. He also premiered one of my favorite Lil Peep songs ‘Beamer Boy’ which is how I discovered them both a few years back. Long Live Peep!”.  Which lead us to the next question for Clavé, Q: Why do you work so hard to be a or be know as a rapper ? And Clavé easily replied… “I work hard at my craft because I take it serious. I’m a legend in a making, so have to match it with a legendary work ethic”.  

Every time we asked Clavé a question it lead us to genuinely know more about him to the things the world doesn’t know, So we asked Clavé, Q: what makes you different from other rappers /artists ? “What makes me different from other artists is that I’m 10 steps ahead creatively so a lot of what I do goes over the average persons head. Most artist would rather play it safe and follow trends just so they can get likes and plays but that’s working backwards. Trends go as fast as they come. Just like memes. I provide the wave so I can never drown in gimmicks”. Lastly we had to ask him Q: If you had the one opportunity to sit with a musical icon , who would it be and why ? And with no hesitation to thought Clavé replied… “If there was a musical icon I could speak with, it would be Kurt Cobain because for one, he’s my favorite song writer and he’s such an abstract person and I find it interesting”.

So if this is your first time hearing his name or are familiar to his Talent and work keep a close eye for this young man because he isn’t stopping from rising to the top as he’s already half way there!

Below are some of  Clavé’s new song & video short clips of (Dark Thoughts)



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