Fruit.. Is one of the most dreaded words and foods most parents battle to give their child. So some parents just tend to stay away from the fruit section while food shopping. But it doesn’t have to be like that, Fruit can actually be one of the most favored snack foods in your home. Like everything else we teach our kids such as to brush their teeth daily, We have to introduce the health choices we must take to stay strong and healthy like eating foods that are good for us such as fruits. It’s better to train your child to eat fruits in the early stages of their life, Introducing them to fruit juices when infants and as toddlers orange wedges, bananas etc, To grapes and nuts in kinder ages ..  So it won’t a wrestling ring battle in later years. However, don’t be discouraged I know personally kids aren’t born with instruction booklets, So here’s what parents want to start doing to incorporate fruits in their children’s menu. First I say parents must practice what they preach so that means putting fruits in your menus as well. As we as parents know we teach our children by example and not by preaching. Overall it’s a healthy choice for parents health as well. Once your kiddies see you eating a celery stick they are most likely to want to mimic and do the same , all parents have to do is what I call a harmless itty bitty mind manipulation to where the parents have to convince the child that fruits are fun and yummy in which most are so don’t feel bad for stretching the truth just a tad.  So how do you start you have to get to the child’s level of mind thoughts think as if you were a child ! Kids love to play with their food , they love finger foods because in their baby minds they aren’t mature enough to want to eat with utensils. So here’s where the parents culinary skills come to play and take place. Decorate your fruit in a way that will attract the child, don’t get overwhelmed now parents.. you don’t have to be a culinary chef to create such things , your child can also help you in preparing lunch or snack. Let them be creative and speak of their fruit preparations as a masterpiece. Give your child a cool title as little head chef , they’ll love the recognition enough to want to eat what they created. To all these ideas you can add nuts ,sauces and creams such as apple sauce, pudding, jello, peanut butter,marshmallow, etc; Below are some creative ideas to decorate your fruit crafts. 

Stay healthy.




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