As a self Socialist I know how critical it is to not only maintain the keep up of your website but the many other matters of self advertising, promotional ads, etc: Staying within the “program” per-say is critical and important for a growing blog or website or web channel. Well there are many ways to do so through the most commonly used app sites such as Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest and so on today we’re going to focus on Instagram

If you already don’t have an account now is the time to make on , if you have an existing account you can choose one of two choices keep your personal account and just update the information or create a new account for your business.  Ext you’ll want to become known using hashtags is a great way to attract the audience your website is in need of always sticking with your websites nitches. Any image you post comment with hashtags use a decent amount of tags but don’t overload your post with tags neither doing so will only attract some people that are not into what your website is providing , you don’t want lost souls roaming because they really aren’t beneficial to you , you want to attract those souls audiences that are into what your website provides which will equal to loyal followers,Email subscribers etc: for more info on hashtags # #Hashtags for Socialists

Next You’ll want to look for people to follow yourself remember to get love you’ll have to give love. Look on your Instagrams search bar and let’s say your website is about travel then you’ll want to look up travel agencies, travel brands, other socialists,bloggers, etc: once you follow your websites related peers you’ll become  popular resulting in getting more followers. 

Next step will be to share your business images here’s where your promotional status begins sharing your images will bring more likes, followers etc: (stay tuned to for more informative discussion on images. 

Interaction with your followers is also key remember your followers,subscribers are your customers and the customer always like to be treated nicely and feel appreciated. So a little thank you reply on one of their comments to one of your images doesn’t hurt and it helps your business . Keep in mind your interactions and representation is your store front. Present well. Liking other people’s posts is just as important it shows your  lingering around and your existence, this is how your business will be discovered as well. 

Lastly sharing is caring you’ll want to share out your Instagrams link to all other link sites you may use. If your in a group share it there , most other socialists,blogggers,freelancers will share your link to there social links and so on that creates expansion which equals to growth of your business.

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