For the longest in times past parents used to dress their children alike which was all cute while that trend lastest. As the years kept passing the trend see, to die out but will it come back ? Well the reason why most close to all parents stopped dressing their children alike was mainly because of the fashion dyed out. And I think the children were complaining as they didn’t want to look like their sibling.  So now there is a new trend where the paren and child dress alike which is also cute and it sends a good message out to young new parents. It was our public figures /artist that started doing this new trendy fashion and now almost all are doing it. But they still aren’t dressing their children alike ? Oddly to mention . Back in the early 90’s the Olson twins were always dressed alike for the red carpet, interviews and such , now a days the only time we would see siblings dress alike are in theme parks so they won’t get lost. I say whatever the reason this trend went out of fashion I can see it coming back to an extent even if it’s for photo shoots or festivities, and holiday activities and celebrations..  

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