A picture speaks a thousand words has such a true meaning behind it, In the webinar, blogger and socialists worlds it is critical that they have the perfect picture since this is where their stories comes to life. Being a socialist myself I witness many other of my socialist peers in groups chats, comment forums asking and keeping up the round and round topics of How to take a good picture, where are good picture resources, where do we edit our pictures etc:. I think sometimes webinars, bloggers and socialists make their own worlds hectic and stressful , I know many just want what’s best to provide and place Into their websites but one thing I will assure everyone is that you already have all the tools you need to take the perfect picture. Having a camara period is all you need, you don’t have to be a photographer to take stunning pictures. Many of my own followers, socialist peers & co- collaborators often ask me where do I get my pictures from or how do I go about taking eye catching photos ? And today I’ll share my secret to always getting my perfect photo or shot. For starters I don’t use any professional high tech camara, I use my resources there are many ways to have access to beautiful crisp images there are sites that want you to share their photos from little to no cost. You just have to do your research. You can also use any camara that you have on hand many cellular phones have great mega pixels for photos. The newer iPhones have not only the megapixels but the editorial resources to enhance your photos captions. Which is a wonderful and very useful tool. There are apps that allow you to edit your images to free or for a low cost. Again you must do your research for the one that’ll fit your needs. Some webiners hard issues is captioning a good photo and I find that to be the easiest to do. Here’s the photographers hack as I call it. When taking a picture remember it is an art no matter what the subject is an item,a person,scenery,thing,or place etc:, first things is first lighting you want perfect bright clear lighting, i was taught by a photographer that for small objects I can inexpensively create a photo shoot set. With a box a lamp and a sheet , opening the box to have three walls, place any solid or multiple colored fabric for a fun bright image or a black background /fabric if  you want all focus on the object , a white fabric/background if you want the object to have a brilliant shade and clear picture. If your taking an outdoor image same rules apply only special effects you can use Mother nature’s lighting daylight or nightlight sunsets, shades etc: When trying to pick a image for your story you’ll want to place a picture that tells about your story without giving to much to the story you want to make your picture eye catching to where you’ll grow and get audiences. Which helps you grow your website and your photography skills. What ever your photo project is always remember to have fun! 


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