So many newbie webinars,socialists ,bloggers and freelancers etc: search for ideas to better their websites ,social media sites etc: joining multiple peered groups for support, audiences,business ideas etc: But one of the most commonly known topic and strategy for most socialists,bloggers,webinars etc: is doing courses, yes courses are educational but let’s be realistic folks, everything another socialist gives a course about it’s something they themselves have learned from doing simple research. I would be lying if I say I never downloaded a course and honestly I was regretful afterwards not only did I not learn anything of I already knew the things most to all the courses I have taken, but I felt like it was time wasted, as a socialist myself my time is precious as many others can say. So from my own personal experiences and successes I have learned that courses are a waste and the resources that are provided to you online will get you further. Also know that anyone can provide a course and like many webinars you can charge for your course. This is one way how income is earned for most bloggers. Even though there are many other ways to making money from your website doing courses is one of them some are more successful then others. Everything you’d want to learn from a course you can get from group pages , forums , chats and my favorite researching online or within books . Remember the information that is shared in courses, is information that the person learned themselves, let’s keep an opened mind that all bloggers for instance are under the same category and providing the same thing journalism! The only thing that separates is the stories, articles provided. My advise is do your own homework and don’t look At the persons answers next to you, because their answers might be incorrect, what works for them might not work for you since the only thing that separates you and their web pages is the topics. Very important thing to remember Along with everything else that consists of your website. Which leads me to question every socialist,blogger etc : If one blogger jumps off the bridge will you throw yourself off the bridge as well ? I’m sure not. So tips to do courses that aren’t boring yet affective and truly informative, Again the best keyword to keep in mind here is Research! To provide a good effective course do your research as to what other course sessions are out there what are their topics you will see that 7 out of 10 will be repeating the same thing . There’s where you will then know what to discuss,share,inform with your courses. Secondly make sure your courses actually work! If you put ineffective info that’s a start to having a bad rap, once one person views your course and doesn’t gain anything productive out of it they will spread the word to those in their groups ,chats,etc : then your purpose of betting your site will be a waste of time. Many socialists,bloggers mainly provide courses speak of what they’ve learned which doesn’t have to be through a course like the thousand others , they can be placed acrossed through articles, and still make income from brand companies or freelancing companies,other websites etc : what ever or however you choose to play your course have fun and be unique. And your success will grow on its own.  

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