It’s that time of the year again where not only parents are getting their children ready for Halloween but also for those furry children we all have. One thing we’ve learned is to never use hair dyes on any animal the chemicals are dangerous and not safe for our furry children’s skin. We want to keep them just as comfortable as we’re dressing our own children in a safe and popular cute costume. Which doesn’t have to be costly many  pet stores and department stores sell pet costumes for reasonable prices which will probably run from $9.99 – $25.00 however keep in mind that even though you can easily purchase a costume for your furry child you can also do a D.Y.I project and save those funds for treats or vet ,pet care or to even treat yourself for the smart choices of saving money while still being involved in activities. Always make sure what ever you put on your furry child your pet is comfortable and safe . Remember keep it fun you can even dress your pets and your children in tag team characters. 


🎃 Happy & Safe Halloween 🎃 




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