No matter what your celebrating Balloons are the one decorative item that seems to be a must, people are using balloons in weddings,dinners ,showers etc: balloons have come along way when being used for any event. The trend seems as it’s going to be around for a very long time. Many may wonder how can anyone make balloons creatively beautiful ?, well it’s not about just filling a balloon with air and hanging it on  a wall. There’s a new way to be very creative using balloons. There are towers that can be built with just balloons arches, table decorations, gift favors, & wall decorations etc:   So today for beginners I’ll be telling you all on how to create your own flower using balloons. Then in following articles to come I’ll share more techniques as they become a bit explanatory. So let’s create a flower!  You’ll need to purchase a bag of latex balloon medium to large sized select one bag of yellow and one of black balloons. Fill four yellow balloons taking two yellow balloons you’ll want to Join both from each knot connecting both together forming one repeating the same step for the other two yellow balloons. Now having two sets total you’ll want to take the center of each set combining them both together from its center twisting the balloons from each set together now having four yellow balloons together. (Set aside) filling one black balloon make your knot to tie it taking that slip knot wrap around the four yellow balloons center making a tie knot with the all the five balloons give the black balloon a twist to secure the black balloon in the center of the four yellow balloons. Now completing a sunflower. 

Tips: To always have the same sized balloon you can take a cardboard box measure a large sized balloon filled with air on the cardboard and cut out it’s shape, like a stencils  per say once it’s completed you can use that cardboard balloon measurement chart to measure your balloon to the desired size, you can make multiple charts for all to any size balloon. Also once mastering using five balloons total you can use more balloons to your creations.  


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