When celebrating for any occasion, we normally don’t know how to decorate or place a decorative piece on the wall to make it look like a interior designer. So what we mostly do is hope for the best and tackle the project on our own. Since hiring a professional is ever so expensive just for a kids party or small family gathering that’s just to last a few hours. I remember I would do and host birthday parties for my own children when young, and I always tried to come up with cool and inexpensive ways to decorate yet have it seem as I spent a lot of money on decorations., Today I’ll share some decorating ideas that are easy to do yourself and who doesn’t love DYI projects. First things first set yourself a budget once that’s in place, let’s go shopping which surprisingly it will be at your local dollar store to purchase party streamers there you will find multiple colored streamers and other supplies you will need such as tape to hang your streamers , balloons etc: and other items for the dyi projects, all for one dollar plus your tax in some stores , it doesn’t get any better then that. Figuring out where to place your streamers will be determined by what focal point you want to take pictures at or basically what section is to be focalize such as the cake table, gift table etc: sometimes you’ll just want one room to be the focal point which is just as fine. Where ever your focal point is you want to start placing your streamers in the center of your focal area, keep in mind before placing, you can put one two three etc as many colors of streamers together to create a beautiful illusion. You’ll want to be creative and open minded to and how your decorating always know that you can’t go wrong on your visions. So once you place your streamers in the center you’ll want to see where you’ll want to end your stream, if making a box /square illusion then form a square you can measure with a Measuring tape or eye ball it. Remember your ceiling is squared off evenly so you can determine off of that size. Especially if doing the entire room which is sometimes the easiest and fastest. Once you know where your ending point to place your streamers you will want to gently pull the role and turn it in weather it’s counter clock wise or the opposite way once you turn one direction you must continue that pattern throughout the entire project so it can have the effect of one direction once completed, so once you set your first streamer your follow the same steps until done. You can also place the streamers not only on the ceiling to decorate but you can use the wall instead. Using the wall as your focal point repeating the same steps you would for the ceiling. Doing a multiple colored style or one color style. To add more creation to your decor you can purchase balloons to match your chosen color theme of your streamers or mix match, you can place a balloon or up to four balloons at the beginning and end point of your streamers point. This will bring a pop to your decorations. For more balloon decorative dyi information stay tuned to this link.


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