Today we’ll be getting an inspirational yet motivational story of a devoted woman & mother who we will name Jane Doe for privacy & protection reasons, who was Born and raised in Guatemala. Jane Doe then  moved to NYC in 2001, Where she got married in 2004 and was trapped into a domestic violence situation. Jane Doe tells us in her own words as we asked what did she experience?,  “I was forbidden to keep in touch with my family, economically and socially deprived from everything until I said no more in February 2016.” Jane Doe then Moved in with her parents but her ex was extremely manipulative and got her very own family to kick her out. Jane Doe  explains  “I ended up in a domestic violence shelter after calling the city help line, there I was completely alone with my two little ones, hopeless and homeless nowhere to go, the mental damage was almost unbearable the depression and anxiety could be felt in my bones and body I lost so much weight”.

As we asked Jane Doe about her life troubled matters she went on to sayTo make matters worse the person I married is a (US) citizen and never fixed my residency as promised when we got married, so there a single undocumented mother with two kids and one of them with severs eczema”. It seemed clear Jane Doe  was going through a lot of difficulties in her life , we asked her how or has she overcome these obstacles Jane Doe replies “Little by little I became aware and found out a lot of benefits for me and the kids that I never knew existed after being manipulated by my ex and family telling me I had no rights I came across the family justice center and there I was connected to a pro bono immigration lawyer, & After meeting with the lawyer it was clear and under the law I had the right to receive permanent residency”. 

And after so many years of being undocumented early this year in January Jane Doe received for the first time her working permit. We asked Jane Doe how did it feel becoming a legalized citizen overcoming so many loops ? Jane Doe replied I was already going to school without it but this was one more achievement and I knew nothing was going to stop me, after I received it I hustled like crazy a hungry mother for success to give her kids the very best. I went to a training program with Sanctuary for Families (a dv organization) there i got certified as master in Microsoft word office, Quickbooks and at the moment I’m on my way on being a system administrator with Salesforce. I’m in intern right now with Strive in East Harlem 20 hours a week pay but I’m giving back to the community and showing people that anyone can do this when you have the purpose in your heart. I want to reach out there and tell women that abuse is not ok, feeling alone at nights wondering what you did wrong is not ok… never ever settle to be mistreated by someone who can’t prove the love they preach”! 

So as you see Jane Doe  was and is just like one of the millions of other women who has been in a difficult situation where she was lost in a toxic domestic violence relationship along with children to protect . The moral of sharing this story is that no matter the situation your in there is always a way out and overcoming the obstacles that at one given time seemed to be impossible. 

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