When it’s time to plan for a party especially for a child’s birthday, parents always seem to get stuck with coming up with a menu that everyone will enjoy and eat , because we don’t want our party guests not to eat anything during the time spent in the party the parents are hosting. So I’ve found it easy to go by my child’s age group so for example today we’re going to plan for a 7 year old child.  Once we get our child’s favorite themed decorations in place we’re going to keep in mind we’re hosting a child’s party so we’re going to keep Fun into our agenda needs. So if your child’s birthday party will be hosted in a public area then you’ll want to keep that flow of outdoorsy to come up with a menu. Pretty easy huh ?, since a bunch of seven year olds love and enjoy outdoor food, while all along it can be fun for the children and fancy for parents to have or gain bragging or cool parent points for hosting such a great birthday party! So let’s get cooking .. Always keep in mind that most children of young ages such as seven year olds love and enjoy finger foods. You can make cheeseburger sliders , ham and cheese grilled sliders, chicken fingers, mini sandwich rolls, corn dogs, fruit treats , trail mix cookies, Mac and cheese pizza  etc: 


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