The Little Labradoodle, Puppy Pickup Day! 


A children’s story book series Soft Cover, who’s becoming popular to thousands of households of those young eager readers. The children’s book series is Written By: April Cox and Illustrated By: Len Smith. Together they have created this amazing children’s story of a Labradoodle named Brady, As young readers discover and explore the great adventures of Brady and his pals. This book has become #1 New Release with the well known Company of  in a number of categories!

“The easy to read yet fun Full colored pages will keep any young reader wanting more!”


The Little Labradoodle story book series provides a collection of coloring pages that are absolutely FREE to download for site members , also the digital copies of the coloring book can be purchased for a nominal fee. And if you have kindle reader with kindle unlimited , it is available on Amazon kindle free.! 

“The wonderfully illustrated coloring pages will allow your young reader to stimulate their growing minds!”

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The Little Labradoodle Children’s Story Series WILL be a perfect Christmas Gift for that Special Young one.

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