When it comes to bullying we automatically think of children and schools. But do people ever notice the adults on social media sites being the most active to cyber bullying with other adults, and sometimes even younger people. ? Adult cyber bullying is most common and on the same level of children who do the sale on these sites Most adults take their personal lives issues and problems unto the internet and then slander the person they have or had an issues with posting horrible things of that person in a defensive manner to their feelings and emotions. Then society wants to know where do children get such behaviors themselves.  When they are witnessing their own parents behaving poorly immaturity and bullying others. So why aren’t such sites monitoring people’s actions on Public Sites if there are so many other personal pages being blocked or what many call going into Facebook jail for a few hours for just posting a home video of them singing to a song that they have no rights to and I would understand if the persons who post such videos or share a song are claiming to be owner or doing something harmfully wrong and or illegal unlike the adult parent who is posting horrible things about another adult. I don’t see intelligence on the “Facebook jail”  block. If  such sites are on top of the trillions of users 24 hours a day 7 days a week then why don’t do the same for those who post  in appropriate posts comments likes etc:: ! This leads to wonder if social media sites applauded and condone such behaviors, yes there is a privacy law but let’s talk the real talk privacy laws really don’t apply to those who mark the check box when signing on and making an account to these sites. These social media sites do a default setting to your newly activated account to having access to your pictures on your phone Or computer which ever device you log in from, And not only your images but your contacts and such so why not have a setting defaulted to the access of your public social media page . Just a few months ago the news and one social media site announced that even though a person sets their settings to privet they are not really privet to the site itself the site is the only one allowed and has some authority to have complete access to the pages of the trillions of users pages,  So again why is this happening. And to add more information to the matters a few years ago one website made the announcement along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that they are using that specific social media site to track down criminals. Seems somewhat hypocritical to not consider cyber bully’s as criamals yet when a person commits suicide because of cyber abuse they charge the bully as a criminal, So why not track them down as well ? 

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