“The Birds and the Bees” is an English-language idiomatic expression and euphemism that refers to courtship and sexual intercourse. The “Birds and the Bees talk” (sometimes known simply as (“The Talk“) is generally the event in most children’s lives in which the parents explain what sexual relationships are. So when it’s the correct time in age to discuss such matter ? Well the answer is when your child is ready, which seems somewhat silly to suggest. But what if I told you newbie parents that your child will one day themselves ask you a question and at that given moment you’ll know it’ll be the time to discuss about the birds and the bees , Now I’m just sure my newbie parents are saying to themselves well what kinda question is my kid gonna ask that let’s me know it’s time for “The talk” ? , Well parents at your childs first stages of life they will get curious about their privet parts since they are discovering their bodies this will not be the time since at this age they don’t even know how to brush their teeth properly so why discuss such a topic. And please keep in mind that as they are discovering their body parts, that this is something normal and it is ok for them to do. This is where parents might want to teach the child then name of the body part they are curious about feet, toes, belly button, nose , etc:. Next stage of their lives they will keep exploring I notice boys are more curious then girls. But don’t quote me by that. As all children are different. So in the second stage of their lives they will continue to discover and explore and that’s completely Normal you’ll want to again continue explain to them about the  part they are most obsessed with. In the third stages of thier life they will know that little girls sit with their legs closed when wearing a skirt and wear a training bra , boys will know understand they have to keep privet with their privet.. The rights and wrong basically is what we teach our children when very little so when they become a little older in age they know the rules from the rights and wrongs list.  So on their fourth stage of life they will find themselves having a kiddie crush on their classmate in daycare or pre-k , once they reach a higher age they will ask you about kissing or do things of such in kiddie ways / behaviors of course. Around the ages between 8-10 is the most important ages to have sat down and discuss the birds and the bees. 

Wondering how to start that conversation with your young child? Well you’ll want to not make it awkward don’t call your child saying sit down we have to talk or have a family meeting , you’ll want to pick a random time and place so drivioyour child to school or driving to the supermarket drive the long way on purpose , you can start the conversation by saying , hey has your school giving you the class on the birds and the bees ? And your child might reply mom i already know about the birds and the bees! There’s where you’ll now ask your child to tell you about what they know as they do you hear them out and jump in whenever they are not telling you the correct information which gives you a door to speak upon it. Always speak to your child as you would to an adult about such a serious conversation, so no giggles or laughs that only brings out the impression that it’s a joke. And that’s one conversation with your child that is nothing of a joke. Rewinding a bit to opening the conversation if your child replies with no , their school hasn’t given a sex education course then there’s once again the door opening to conversation on the subject. You can start by questioning them well did you know.. and there you can begin speaking and educationg your child about the birds and the bees. 

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  1. I love this. I was actually just sitting here this morning wondering when I need to talk to them about it. I thought it was going to be today when a topic came up. Thankfully it didn’t go there yet lol. Mine are 7 & 8!
    Great post!!

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