The title said’s it all. Literally!

Just a few weeks ago, I was somewhat stumbling with my site with the same issue many Webinars , socialists , bloggers  etc: have with ‘Traffic’. Well already being linked to other social media sites i needed to keep my site Expanding, I always knew of Pinterest and even had a personal account at one given time. Being actively known on social media I noticed a great handful of people I crossed paths with were using Pinterest, but they never mentioned anything great about using it as a online business hack. As if there’s not enough wealth to go around , which brings me to this article! So yes ladies and gentlemen here I’ll be sharing my experienced online business Pinterest hack! Absolutely FREE! No online or emailed Course to take. So let’s begin…

Firstly I have to mention as I always do , what works for me might not work for you and vice versa but it’s always worth a try. So let me say that my views stats were on a low as you can see in the image provided below.. 


As you see my stats were low , I went and opened an account with Pinterest, I did everything they guided me to do when joining, I believe it’s a starter default rundown so newcomers Learn the basics on how to use the site. I spent some time on my appearance since I wanted it to be similar to my site, since that’s what it’s representing. Right? – Right! So after that what I did was add all my articles, I don’t know if there was an import section but I was on a mission to accomplish something without knowing what it even was, So if you yourself don’t find an import section be ready to spend a few hours on Pinterest, my entire time was Approximately 3 hours. 

Making a board as they call it was very easy I placed my sites logo since when pinning on a board it takes the images you place that board and puts them on the head background, I personally didn’t want all my articles on one header to show. So I made a board just for those images pre selected by default of course, I had to place two images of my sites logo to set.  No biggie. Next step was adding my pins which are my articles this was done on a separate board i named it (DYI Crafts) and every article I ‘pinned’ I placed on that board. And as I kept adding my articles I kept creating boards that fell in the category of what my article consists of. And so on… As I was finishing up placing my articles, I then went on to search and searched a keyword that fits to my sites audiences needs , So for example Since I placed a board on only DYI Crafts I searched the keyword DYI and there a billion of other DYI crafters , bloggers, websites etc: showed up I scrolled through the page and went on to follow others again looking for the audiences that would fit to my site if my niche is DYI, I wouldn’t look for an audience that likes food. 

Following  just a few because keep in mind I was running a long time stretch, i began to get notifications left and right from my which is my main editing and publishing site. Paying it hardly no mind at the time since my work was more important at that given time. Once I was done I checked what all the non-stop notifications was all about. Well to my surprise it was like Pinterest users were waiting for my information because they all came to my site , which was exactly what I was in hunt of . So again in a 3 hour time frame my stats went from the picture above to the image below…



  • My Views stats increased by 660 from 71 to 731.
  • The Visit stats also increased by 13 from 10 to 23 and still Growing!!! 


As you all can see the numbers don’t lie!


Since then I have linked my other accounts to share my posts to Pinterest so I hardly have to be on the site to work on my own. With every once in a while I check in to follow those New followers of my site.

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Best wishes!

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