Being a Mother: An Important Role of a Woman. … It illustrates the influence a motherplays to her child and in the long run to the society; that as a mother strives to nurture and teach a child, she explicitly makes the world a much better place. Not saying that mothers have control of the negative things that are happening in the world, but a mothers role is to not open those doors for her child-(ren). So where does Society fit in all this ? Well society plays a big role in the worlds lives. Today in this era  society has taken the most negative role with some mothers of this generation. Let’s discuss the many wrong doings of Most mothers of today’s society. For starters today’s mothers are allowing society to come into their child-(ren) lives at early ages. Which is a toxic thing to do, since society today is telling young children it’s ok to be disrespectful towards anyone who corrects or tells your what to do . Mothers still have a word in what their children behave and speak especially when the child is young , this is the age where mothers should be teaching their young about respect morals correct behaviors etc: But society has even made some of today’s mothers behaviors just as worst as the young child their raising! When did this all take place ?  Back in the day mothers ruled and were the CEO’S of which types of society was allowed in their homes and families lives. Which leads me to mention further more of who suffers the consequences of this madness of motherhood are the children who then become delinquent adults. 

There yet being a few positive societies, how can they help and overturn those negatives with some knowledge and righteousness , correction and possibly proper discipline ? I suggest the old fashioned method reading articles,books ,magazines that provide every day life situations that have positive thoughts and suggestions, putting informative articles and so on can and might well be the way to help this generations mothers continue the legacy of motherhood at its best.  

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