Today we’ll be discussing A strong topic that society is always talking about, But never takes the time to know the details of,  Motherhood within the young communities. Today we’re interviewing a 22 year old Young Mother by the name Crystal Gonzalez, from the Lower East Side in New York City. Even though most mothers know what it is to have a baby at a young age, I’m sure many women of age can say, they don’t know what it’s like having a baby in this time and era , So stepping into a new Generation Ms. Gonzalez will walk us through of what it has been for her as an autobiography of her own experiences of motherhood in this time and age,  

As we jumped right into conversation with Ms.Gonzalez she told us when she became a mother at the age of 20, She wasn’t ready at all! And was going through a very difficult time just trying to figure out what She was going to do.. She wanted to have the baby but yet knowing, she couldn’t afford to. In her own words Ms.Gonzalez went on to tell us..  “ I had people telling me not to have the baby & I also had people telling me to have it, that they’ll help me out. So I made an appointment for Planned Parenthood  for abortion. The moment I was there just waiting and staring at the other moms going in for surgery, I seen their faces and it broke me, it hurt me to think that I could actually hurt a little human being inside of me and I don’t have it in me nor the power to do it.” I left crying hysterical.” 

Ms.Gonzalez explained to us that with having to face the hard decision whether to have the baby or not she wasn’t receiving any emotional support or comfort at all, she explains how everything was very depressing.. But Ms.Gonzalez replied “ But with everyone saying they would help me, I just took that chance, So I decided to have my baby! We asked Ms.Gonzalez how does it feel to be a young mother ? She replied “Now I feel glad that I have a little boy, He’s the healthiest, funniest, smartest boy I could ever ask for. I go back and think what I would’ve done & I’m glad I didn’t do it. It hurts me sometimes that I wouldn’t have had my precious boy. Now he’s my best friend, first love, beautiful personality and I always wanted to know how that bond felt with having a kid, this was my missing piece I always felt empty in my heart. Now my heart feels complete. I love that feeling so much it’s like nobody else matters, it’s the best feeling. I would be very depressed and try to hurt myself before I had a baby and now that I have him I just think about him and how strong he makes me and how much he loves me.”  We went ahead and got more personal with Ms.Gonzalez and asked her , Did she lose any friends since having her baby ?  She replied “ I lost a lot of friends, lost my best friend but it happens.. I don’t care to lose friends because at the end of the day they’re not a mother and they don’t know that feeling and how it is to have a child..” We continued to ask Ms.Gonzalez What difficulties have you since faced being a Mother ? She replied… “My son Julius he loves to run a lot not even walk, he likes playing with his old brother Ethan, 7 years old and his uncle Eliezer, 10 years old. He’s sweet gives hugs a lot and then he has his times where he wants to be rough of course because he’s a boy. The difficulties I faced as a mother was the first two months of breastfeeding and barely getting any sleep trying to take care of my son it was very challenging being a first time mom, and looking at my body, gained weight & stretch marks on my stomach after I gave birth.. But then I realized it doesn’t matter because I have a beautiful baby boy. 

Continuing to question Ms. Gonzalez, we asked , Looking at life now would you had waited to have a baby ? And What difficulties do you face as a young mother ? And with no hesitation she replied “I think I would’ve waited to have a baby so I could finish college and have a better job and be more settled.” Also “Difficulties I face as a young women is feeling to old to do anything not having time for myself much because I decided to have a kid to raise, my friends go out and I’m home most of the time if I want to have a drink, I’ll drink home while my son is with my mother or sleeping.” Ms.Gonzalez went to mention and ask questions herself  as words of advice to other young women who are thinking or planning to have a child, as she expresses future goals for herself… “If any young women are thinking of having a child I would tell them if there ready to have one, like do you have a great stable job? Is the father involved to help? Do you have a plan? Can you afford it all the diapers, milk, wipes, clothes? You’re going to be taking care of another human being, I would say if you can’t take care of yourself then how are you going to take care of someone else. You have to really be ready for all the crying, sleepless nights & motivated to get up in the morning and do what you have to do to take care of your baby even if your doing it alone because it’s not as easy as it looks. I’m not going to say don’t have a baby , but I don’t want any one to have a baby that is not ready. Me, I would want to have another baby in like 6-10 years, I want a baby girl. I want to dress her up in cute dresses, do cute hairstyles on her, I just want a little mini girl of me then I’d be set. A girl and a boy.  Julius will protect his little sister.” In the myths of her own motherhood experiences that she has obviously learned and is yet to learn & overall growing as a young mother, Ms.Gonzalez has opened a Mother’s Group media page as she explains “ The page is to talk to other moms or soon to be moms about how it is being a mom and what I do with my son or what do other moms do with their children that’s different, basically opinions and facts to knowing about what not and what to do with kids if other moms don’t know or if soon to be moms have any questions we can answer. The page is called “ For Moms”. If any mothers would like to join.

Witnessing now motivated and outgoing Ms.Gonzalez is we asked her about any life goals as she was fast to respond saying “My life goals are to become a better person that I am. I’m still young but I want better, I want to do much more, go back to college when I can and find a better career. Also help my son become a better person and not follow any one that leads him the wrong direction, I want him to be a leader not a follower. Thing are better now, thank god I have had his father by his side and he’s a great one always make sure he has and isn’t without. I love my family and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.” 


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