Armpit Hair! Is the one thing most women find the most annoying feminine part of a women’s body , having to deal with the growth and upkeep weather it’s shaving or waxing just to have that smooth and eye appealing armpit.

And did you know that 200 years ago women were forced to wear long sleeves ? The reason was because society ways back then didn’t see the need for women to cut their armpit hair, they questioned what was the cause for ?, bringing us forward a bit to the years between 2013-2016 where women having armpit hair became “trendy”, Public figures such as Madonna , Jennifer Aniston ,Miley Cyrus just to name a few started the hairy armpit trend again when stepping out into red carpet events and having to make public appearances , we really don’t know what’s their reasons for going out in public and further more intentionally showing the public their hairy armpits, maybe for publicity who knows ? So speaking of the non public everyday women who choose not to shave their armpits, what’s their reasons ? Many say they don’t have time to shave and by the time they notice they have a bush of hair on their armpits, some say because it doesn’t bother them to have hair , some do it to seem butchy/manly , some say the hair that grows there isn’t thick enough to remove. Which leaves most women with thier jaws dropped to think other women actually don’t mind having hair in their armpits. 

And my question as many others might be wondering the same , is this something that’s even attractive for the opposite sex ? Since as society has accustomed us all to know that women not to have armpit hair & that it’s something that is removed within then female gender. 

What’s your style of armpit ?

Please feel free to jump into this discussion with any feedback , suggestions, comments, questions below.. 


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