In the early 1900’s and even in further times, families, especially parents and their children were very well bonded and close net. I think to believe it’s because of the communication skills they had back then compared to how they are now in this time and age, but why is this so ? Well In the late 80’s early 90’s society has convinced today’s children that talking to their parents on any subject isn’t cool, and that parents won’t understand, and in the versa side society has convinced parents that talking to their children will be a waste of time,that their children won’t listen or take their advice etc:. But that isn’t and doesn’t have to be so, it’s  quite easy to have a good communication bond with your children. Even in today’s era. Being a parent myself , and having that communication bond with my own children, I can tell New parents and those senor parents as well what are the most important things needed, to have and keep that relationship throughout life from the beginning to the very end. 

From the moment parents find out their having a baby it is so important to connect with the womb, just because the child isn’t born, it doesn’t mean they can’t feel or hear what is being said , when a child is in the Mother’s womb the child can feel the same emotions that the mother is feeling , they can hear what the mother is saying and once in a certain trimester the child can hear what’s coming from outside the womb. Great time for the dads to speak to moms belly with sweet words as I Love You , Can’t wait to meet you , and or even call the child by it’s name if  the name to be given is already chosen. The most impactful moments of learning for a child is when they are small that’s when children absorb the most from the ages of Weeks in the womb until 5 years old. After those years in age it’s elementary teachings. So if your becoming a new parent who wants to have a great communication bond with your child talk to your womb / belly. Once the child is born and handed to your hands talk to them , tell, them how much you love them , how beautiful they are , how great they are, how much fun you all are going to have, tell them the dreams you have for them (mommy wants you to become a strong leader one day and I know you will because I’m going to help you become one ) – (I couldn’t wait to have you here with me , you make me so happy) etc: believe it or not your baby knows every word your saying , remember mother’s YOUR the only person in the entire world that knows what your child’s heartbeat sounds like from the inside. Not by sonogram. So that communication bond between you and your child is already there , you just have to embrace it. So Once the child is born you’ll want to start speaking to your child in deep conversation and topic and you will want to follow this throughout every passing moment with your child and life, Once your child is 5 years old you’ll want to  ow speak to your child with some seriousness topics, always making your child understand through all your conversations that it’s ok to tell you who placed the gum underneath the table , even if there will be consequences for doing so. At this age your child feels confident enough to come to you about anything, So much they’ll be at ease to come up to you and tell you they pushed their pre school classmate at recess. So never make your child feel as they can’t come to you with anything they need or feel they have to discuss with you, weather it’s good or bad situations. This opens a bond of trust and confidence between child and parents. 

Once your child reaches the preteen and teenage years your relationship will be strong and bonded. By now your having sit down rap sessions just talking about random facts of life, serious matters and or just goofing around with your child-(ren). This will follow throughout your child’s aging passing years. Even with some ups and downs and some minor misunderstandings your bond and relationship will remain just as strong as you made it to be, and this is a legacy teaching that your child will carry on with their children and so on. All it takes is for you to talk to your children so your they are willing to listen just as much as you are to them. 





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