When often walking down the street and see a homeless person, most people don’t feel sorrow for the homeless person for multiple reasons which have been expressed publicly by society only offering them tough love advice such as “ If you can stand in the corner and walk to cars to ask for money you can walk in McDonald’s and apply for a job”! And so the percentage of folks who do feel sorry are the ones who voluntarily give the homeless person money , food , clothing etc: .. I can remember when I was growing up in my neighborhood, there was a man who would wear the same clothes day in and out , he would walk the neighborhood and pick inside the garbage cans hunting for empty aluminum cans , food ,and anything he had use of , I recall many people from the community volunteer and by him a slice of pizza or give him their loose change, one day my childhood friends and I decided to be curious and follow this man who everyone including my friends and I that he was homeless, well we followed him and to our surprise he had a home happens to be he just chose the life he had to pick through garbage cans and beg for money , in fact he was wealthy and had no reason to do what he did.  Which takes me to some people now a days who have a rental place yet live off others on a daily basis ? There are literally people who rent a spaces for hardly nothing a month since a lot of hotels / motels give discounts for those staying for long periods of time or permanently so let’s say the weekly rate is $300.00, and let’s say the renter has employment and brings in $1,200 just with deducting $300.00 for the Space now that leaves that person with $900.00 in their pocket , now keep in mind this person is one who’s always asking for help when it comes to financials. So let’s say this person has a vehicle and the only thing that comes out of their pocket which is holding $900.00 big ones is gas money , let’s deduct $100.00 for 2 weeks which rounds up to be $200.00 a month, now that leave that person with $700.00 in their pocket , let’s say the person pays no child support or has any other responsibilities that come out of their pocket, because at this point their leaching off of their parents pockets to provide clothing and help to their children and the person they semi co-parent with , So the deduction is $0.00 still leaving them with $700.00 in their pocket, let’s say one of the other parents pays that persons car note which still leave them with $700.00 .. Food is one thing the person will have to provide for themselves IF they aren’t hitting the governmental system for public assistance for food stamps , health coverage would be under the same category and or provided by their employer. Miscellaneous purchases let’s say they go to the dollar store and bargain priced department stores so let’s deduct $100.00 that still leaves them with $600.00 in their pocket , yet some people will still go ahead and continue to leach and borrow money from others who do have more and sometimes greater responsibilities.

So here’s the questions at hand, 

  1. Is this person a savvy person or is this person selfish ?
  2. Is this a good or productive way to live? 

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