Today we’re giving our review on the Ultimate Body Applicator from ItWorks ! 

As a Collaborating Distributor for the the company, I went ahead and got the Ultimate body applicator which are called and considered as Wraps for short. Starting from the ordering process it was very simple to order online . My package was shipped & delivered in a very timely manner , and the items themselves were packaged to remain very well protected. My package contained the wrap I was so anxiously waiting to try.  Doing so it was very simple to apply on you will need to open the packet and remove the wrap ,  now keep in mind these wraps can be placed almost anywhere on your body. But we’ll get to that in a minute.. And so before moving on to the next step let me explain what the wraps are intended to do and how they work. Wraps are placed around almost any part of the body for tightening and toning , and let’s face it many if not all of us need the extra help to tighten up our skin due to child birth, loss of weight , etc: and wearing the wrap for toning is great for those who can’t afford to join a gym to workout 5 days a week for the same cause to tone up your body, how great is it that a simple wrap can do the work for you ?. 



As you can see a few examples areas where the wraps can be placed these are the most common areas for most the tummy for people who have extra belly fat better known as the muffin top. The back as many women after child birth the woman’s back does gain a bit of back rolls better known as love handles. The arms if anyone who has lost weight knows the arms flaps are a difficult area to tone up. The thighs we’re most get flabby after lack of exercise or not having enough muscle. These are just a few benefits.




As you can see the picture above shows the belly benefits of the Ultimate Body Applicator A.K.A Wrap. 








Now you can See the image on the left as they demonstrate their conformation from the top three images from left to right and the bottom images from left to right. It’s the same person so no frauds about the product. You can clearly see the transformation! 



 Now please keep in mind that there are other products that will help you on you journey to weight loss, and assist in keeping the pounds off . For Best results a daily diet routine must be taking place . I tried my wrap and left it on for exactly 45 minutes and I felt my skin tighter. 

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