The first recognizable social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997. It enabled users to upload a profile and make friends with other users. In 1999, the first blogging sites became popular, creating a social media sensation that’s still popular today. With most sites more popular more then others, many sites have fees to join a yearly membership ,and even though these sites are quite successful , there’s still a great percentage of people who choose the Free to join & participate sites , such as TwitterInstagram , TumblrPinterestDayFlash, And last but not least the one site that holds over one billion users, and as they report over one million users via mobile each month! Which site ,? Yes you already know as I’m sure your a user as well , Facebook!

If you just read correctly you can see I gave some information that was shared by Facebook analysts, didn’t catch it ?  Here I’ll tell you again and I quote! “As THEY report over one million users via mobile each month!” Every website has Data analysts reports that give websites all the data collected from every operating system used to growing a successful website, including personal data from who else ? Users like me , you & the “billion” others that have accounts within this site. So let me educate you all on some Privacy Acts & Hacks, That only are applicable for social media sites Not Social web-sites those are two worlds apart. Here let me explain In layman’s terms, Social websites for Example are webpages such as  TheWorldOfMonalisa.Com. We are a social website meaning we do not provide media services where a person would have to join by providing private information about themselves, there are only Subscriptions to join which only collect your first name & email address and nothing more. Unlike Social media sites such as Facebook provide services for people to interact with other users which you would have to provide your personal information to have an account and use their services. Pretty simple . So what’s to know about such  Social media sites ? When it comes to YOUR privacy? Well for one your information and account aren’t as privet as you may think , as many should know Facebook information meaning database was leaked out from a hack another county got into. Meaning all your data information fell in the lap of someone(s) with criminal intents. Now did you also know that when you make an account with such social media sites you unknowingly give them permission to have access to all the devices you use that social media site from to have and collect your information such as access to the contacts from your phone if you use the mobile app, access to your photos from any device you use the social media app, you give them access to your personal search engines searches, access to hear your personal conversations from your devices microphone , and the list just goes on. If your using your homes computer then your giving them access to your files , database etc:. These are such defaulted permissions that aren’t percented to you at the time of joining , and they don’t make it known to the member joining because even though they don’t hide these defaults from you they aren’t liable or responsible to inform you about these pre-selected defaults . How is that legal ? Well Every website has to have privacy and copyright rights to legally protect the site itself and their privacy acts which can say in fine print “ By clicking accept you agree to the terms and conditions, blah blah blah “ and here’s where people don’t read the fine print they just press accept just to speed up the process. Not really knowing what they are accepting by clicking the check mark ✅. So in the long run you can’t sue the site for any information collected and used without your consent. By changing these defaults you can go to your account setting and your devices setting that are linked to the site.  

Pretty mind blowing huh, and not to bust your bubbles, But don’t feel quite releaved just yet , even after correcting your privacy settings from both your device and your account settings, you are still not safe from having your interactions collected by other users! Many Facebook users think that by setting there pages feed to “Privet” There posts , comments, photos etc: can’t be viewed by another user, and that’s not true other users can still see all your posts,videos,comments,interactions,and so on even if you set your post to be shared with just friends and your account is now privet, even if you block a specific person(s) they can still look up your interactions etc; 



This is Hack That Many people have learned throughout the years of technology becoming more productive. 



There Is one famous Facebook hack is to go to your News Feed section otherwise it won’t work from another section it’s like a glitch so on the search bar you’ll write “photos liked by _______.  the person(s) name” a page will appear with all the interactions of that perosn likings on Facebook. Still questioning how can someone who’s not my friend or someone I have blocked can see what I do, say, post, & comment ? Well Facebook ONLY protects their Privacy Acts Not yours! And there is really no setting or default that you can use to protect a picture shared with your family and friends, any comments that you post etc:. Being in groups on Facebook is another way users link into your profile even if your not friends or even know each other In real life.  These are just a few hacks that aren’t protecting your privacy! 

And it’s just the price we pay for wanting to be apart of free social media websites.

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