Since when did it become a somewhat trend of parents leaving their kids in the car seats of their vehicles ? Seems like every time we turn on the television or open the newspaper we see stories of such tragic events happening . But why and how is this happening so oftenly ? And are parenting ,babysitters getting charged accordingly when a child isn’t saved on time and loses their life ?  We’ll all humans and are allowed to make mistakes and get distracted and suddenly remember their child is in the vehicle where they’ll rush to the vehicle. But when a parent or sitter intentionally leaves a child in a car to go to work , or have a night on the town etc: What are the consequences for being a negligent parent !? 

I once seen a television show called What would you do? On the show they  get a set of actors to act upon such acts intentionally in front of people by leaving a child in a car , to see what people would do , the outcomes they Received were jaw dropping some people would keep walking ignoring what they seen and hear (the toy baby crying in the back seat of a car) more then 5 people ignored the dangerous situation, and there were some that stopped and were ready to brake the vehicles window or call the police, they even stopped the actor playing the negligent parent. Once the people who ignored the situation they were pulled over by the host and camaras to ask them why they did or didn’t react. 

My question as a parent is where does it take place in our minds to forget we have our child with us , as a parent it was a unforgettable responsibility. It’s like not forgetting your purse in the car or your cup of coffee. How can you forget a child.? And again the parents who premeditate leaving their kid in the car to go to work , understanding the responsibilities of supporting your child but there are other ways to keep your child safe hire a baby sitter or take the child to your workplace but to leave a child in the car seat is just wrong and negligent.

What are your thoughts and comments ? 

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