Remember your first time when you got your period ?  Some people were lucky enough to have a mother or a woman to speak to them about puberty as a young child becoming a young lady ,some others weren’t as lucky either way puberty was going to happen as it’s a part of life that every female gender must go through. And even though it is not spoken often , having a daughter means one day you have to have that girlie talk with your baby girl. But how would I go about it or even start the conversation ? Many mothers are asking themselves. Well not to scare any mothers of young daughters but after having to discuss the reasons of puberty you’ll be obliged to have the discussion of the The Birds & the Bees , So there is a full understanding of what their bodies are changing into and what their bodies can do. So let’s have a girl talk! 

Normally a young girls period comes down around the same age that there Mother’s came down, but that’s not always the case, So when should you have the talk ? Well I’m not an expert but I’m a mother and the instincts are there , So my opinion would be to wait until your daughters are of a somewhat mature age because even at 8 years old your child should be somewhat mature enough to know she has a privet part that must remain privet , how to sit like a lady because she doesn’t want to show her privet part etc: So being that every single mother here I’m sure knows the level of mentally their children have , you can make that call as to what age will you discuss puberty with your daughter. Even though it is very easy for a mother to tell their child that they have wrong and put them in their place it would seem that talking about such tender topic is difficult for some mommies. So How to bring up the conversation ? I would say take a ride just you and your daughter and take the long route to let’s say the movies and on the car ride say “Hey Jane can I ask you something? Most likely the child will reply with yes mommy , you can ask, do you know about puberty Jane ? And you already know the answer that she’ll give you which is No, there you have already opened the communication door , you can say well puberty is … a stage in life , or something in life we must all go through, have you went through your puberty stage yet Jane ? Always make the conversation interesting with replying with a question so the child can continue to want to know more which will make it easy for you the mommy to be more freely open and calm to speak about such a tender topic. Then after discussing puberty you must open up with the birds and the bees because once a young girl becomes a young lady she can reproduce a baby and young boys can produce a baby so it’s important to cover all bases.  


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