Go clean your room!, Pick up your shoes from the hallway!, are just two of many examples of the repeated attempts to get your child to help around the house. And it’s like an endless winning battle with some parents. But what if I told you there are age appropriate chores from very early ages ? I remember doing the chore challenge with my kids and it wasn’t as hard as, as when I went the wrong about it at the beginning.  When my child was a toddler I had him helping me taking out the clothes from the Dryer , yes he stumbled a bit here and there but he felt important and needed so it helped build self esteem and dependency . He enjoyed helping , doing simple chores even though he really didn’t know how to properly fold a towel even if by showing him how to he still did his best and better yet I knew where my toddler was at in all given times while I attended my house duties , so it helped me in many aspects. When my son was a toddler I had him sweep the floor while I dusted in the same room, being able to teach him little things of sweeping how to hold a broom at such an young age and keeping my toddler entertained and bonding with my child while I did my chores, I literally got three for the price of one. So what are age appropriate chores?  Below Is a age chart for cafe appropriate chores . 



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