Traving now a days seems and depending on where your traveling to is somewhat expensive. Here’s where this place makes traveling all worth while taking that weekend  getaway trip. It’s located in Clearwater,Florida USA, it’s called Pier 60 , Clearwater is mainly known for it’s beaches but this pier has become very popular and favorable to many Floridians and Tourists , Many people come here for fishing because it’s a great place to get big catches and different kinds of fish , Many just go to enjoy the beaches and watch the beautiful sunsets, Many head to the pier just to watch for dolphins as there swim very close by and sometimes even interact with people. Here you can stay at it’s beach front hotel which is very clean and affordable during seasons but if reserved early you’ll be able to book at very reasonable prices. The strip (Avenue) are like the streets of San Diego, lost of beach goers and surfers but without the crowds of thousands of people to think Clearwater is a city but in this area it’s more like a small beach town. 

Perfect for traveling with the entire family , the kids will have lots to do after playing in the sand and swimming in the beach , walking the pier, there’s a handful of shops on the beach streets , even in the pier there are small side shops which are amazing, there are live entertainment, playgrounds, basketball courts. The amenities are endless. For both your kiddies and if not just for a romantic night in a beach front restaurant if not just walking on the beach. Either way you choose to spend your travel time here it’ll be well worth it. 

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