There is a beautiful park called Harriman State Park located in Stoney Point, New York. Better known as Lake Welch Beach State Park’s man-made Lake Welch, with its half-mile-long sandy beach in the wooded hills of the Ramapo Mountains, is the largest beach in Harriman State Park. Originally a small body of water with farmland around the edges, Lake Welch became the large lake that it is today when a dam was completed in 1942. The park offers cool breezes, tons of amenities such as swimming, fishing, boating, picnicking, hiking and camping in adjacent Beaver Pond Campground. Winter activities include ice fishing and snowmobiling. The activities accommodates both summer and winter events. The park is family orientated fun full place to Spend the day amongst friends and family in a safe environment. The park is opened all year long , the neighboring areas are simply beautiful and great for pictures , the traffic is just as well once getting to the entrance you might just once or twice while visiting you’ll see a short vehicle line but that doesn’t mean the park is going to be overcrowded, the park is thousands of acres big and it’s compacity holds just as much. 

The park has picnic areas , bbq areas , restrooms and showers etc, the sandy lake beaches are clean and very spaciously big , the lakes themselves are refreshingly clean , the water aren’t deep at all so those who know how to swim will absolutely love, even if you don’t know how to swim you’ll be able to enjoy the water as well. The waters as of any lake are perfect to teach the little ones how to swim even. To be able to sit down and relax and soak in the beautiful natural views is so tranquil you won’t want to go back to the city . 

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