I said it once and I’ll say it again, Being a parent is a hard task and I’m the first to say that our children don’t come with instructions. And as every parent when becoming a parent we gain a super power Ha-Ha yes the super power of instincts ! The second our child is born we receive instant , we immediately learn or know how to feed our child , dress, hold , play even, we know the why our child cries or is feeling down etc: it’s called instint, people! Taking parenting to the early 1900’s , Parenting was I’d say stricter where the teenagers followed by their parents footsteps and did as they were told by their patents. The level of respect was never a question or an issue. Fast forwarding to today’s times it’s becoming more and more disturbing the lack of respect that parents are receiving from their children , it’s been more common where teenagers are doing what they want , with who they want , when they want. And the parents are either afraid of their teen child or don’t know how to go about taking disciplinary parent actions. Some parents are literally Failing with a capital (F)! And the ones who pays the piper are the children , I’ve heard so many and seen so many stories of children being kidnaped ,killed ,raped , due to the lack of  their parents raisings. Some people (parents) have the misconception that being a parent means being a friend to their child which is absolutely true to an extent! A parents job is to play many roles in their children’s life’s such as the strick parent, the best friend, the counselor, the third eye (voice of reason) , the good cop , the bad cop, the adviser, the educator, the list just goes on and on. More and more we are hearing and seeing in the news how parents are allowing their teens to smoke , drink, quit school, sleep all day , hang out till yay hours of the night , basically doing nothing with their lives and living off their parents moving other teenagers in their parents home. One of the many and most dangerous acts parents allow their teens to do is have sex with random people they meet online. We see so many cases of the teens ending up missing , raped and even killed when parents allow their teens to do what they please and not follow orders of the parents. That is a complete fail ! Yes no parent wants to have their child upset with them for not allowing them to attend to that party but no parent wants to have their child be date raped for allowing the child to go to that party. The teen will get over there upset mood with the parent and they’ll thank you later in life or even the next day in some cases as when they return to school on Monday they can find out something bad happened to their friend or someone they knew that went to that party.  Many are questioning well how do i contain my teen ? Well for starters gaining your child’s respect starts when they are young at one years old your child should know and understand that when mom or dad say No! They can’t have that candy it means exactly that No! Same as teaching your one year old the dangers of not running into the street if they can understand and learn that at such a young age they are capable of learning respect for their parents and elders this follows them throughout their entire life . Remember parents when your children step out your house door every morning they are stepping out representing you the parents. Gain the respect from your children your saving their lives by doing so , that’s not being a bad parent . Also know that you and your children will come to misunderstandings and disagreements and that’s just fine they are entitled to have a voice and an opinion but not dangerous choices , there’s where you the parent are there for to hold your ground and your teen. 


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