Going to your primary doctor for a routine visit or to get treated for a cold or even to give birth seems to be a trip many people don’t want to take or get medical advise from. Some people are actually staying in their homes and taking medical advice from. Television doctors. This is where I question is this even safe ? because lets face it now can a television doctor know your exact symptoms, to recommend herbs , pills,  exercises , treatments without knowing The persons side effects , allergens, and overall medical history ? Some people are taking the advises of such television host doctors thinking they can trust such advises and recommendations, from the people who proclaim to be doctors on the television, I don’t think these folks even realize that there are many types of doctors, seems quite silly if they watch Dr.Oz for example and he mentions a dietary supplement and people go running to the store to buy it then that alone is silly being that Dr.Oz is a heart doctor a cardiologist. And wouldn’t have any medical acknowledgment of dietary health. Same as for Dr.Phil he holds many PhD’s but within their own categories and specialties. Why would anyone take medical care advice from someone without being properly treated or diagnosed . People need to take proper measurements and precautions when it comes to their health choices and health overall. It’s fine to take advice and do as you please taking a home remedy is ok just do your research before consumption, you don’t know if your allergic to a specific herb or oil etc. Taking medical advice from a television doctor isn’t the safest thing to practice but doing your research once advice or recommendations are made is also less time consuming then heading to your primary if that’s the main issue.  Please stay safe and always try to consult your primary doctor that has a full medical chart of your health history. 

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