Very often people will do the rain dance to water the grass and not know when to stop and when the rain becomes dark and stormy , they’re the first ones to cry wolf saying it’s negativity. Well , I beg to differ, asking when is society going to take responsibility for their actions !? Seems as every corner you turn we are crossing such folks , did society become uneducated ? May be I’m just venting here but I’m sure anyone and mainly everyone can agree with me here. Let me explain metaphorically if your driving a car and you run over a nail , what are you going to do ?  The logic would be to pull over and replace the tire. Here’s where some others will just drive that car until the tires air is completely out , some might say this might be stretching their luck a bit , and just as the air from that punctured tire runs out, so does luck. So Here’s where they’ll ride that tire until it’s completely flattened, the tire has no more life in it and instead of the person saying well let me pull over now , they’ll keep pushing that car with the flattened out tire which is bad enough, now their riding on the vehicles rim knowing at times that if you ride on a vehicles rim but so long it’s going to damage it to a total loss but that’s not stopping them , they keep going , not realizing they are creating their own reality from all the negative things they are creating themselves. 

Now these are the same people, that will blame others for their actions ,unaccomplishments and overall fails in life, No matter how much you will give them good advice , logical advice, positive advice, they just won’t take any of it and do as their minds pleases which results always in ruts that have some fairly good days but what are good negative days ? The negativity becomes so normal to them that what seems as fairly good day is just a day with less drama , headaches , activities. How do people stop this ? They’ve created this world of negativity why not put a stop to it ? Could it be some truly enjoy the headaches and bad Ora’s ? I’m not a physiologist but I would recommend soul searching, mental therapy, treatments , since it’s not healthy to create and live in your own negativity but when they begin to create and revolve it around others that’s when it becomes a personal problem that needs attention. 

Knowing many feed off negative energy and thoughts turning them into actions then transforming them into lifestyles , we all need to know when to step away or run from these types of people sadly said of course. 

Stay well

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