As much as I tend not to give this any sort of air to breathe this true story is a traumatized memory that remains in my memory vault. As any psychologist might say. As many know from my prior life articles I lost my mother at a young age having to live without any parents came with a lot of experiences that I won’t wish on my worst enemy if I had one, or any child to have to experience. Being a parent less child and Having to jump from one sibling home to another sibling home , One of many bad experiences and situations that I had to live around was witnessing my siblings turning to drugs for whatever reasons ,witnessing them becoming Addicts , and in the midst of it all being a victim to their addiction. One of my siblings #7 became addicted to Crack and in many of my siblings shakes for their drug fix they would steal from their own family members, take things from their home basically anything of value that they can sell in the street to make enough to purchase a bag of crack. It became bad as much as I tried to stay away from my sibling which was the reason it lead me to live in the street at a young age I refused to live being physically assaulted and mentally abused, by my addicted siblings. Many times my sibling addicted to crack would ransack the house and if they wouldn’t find what they had in mind to take because it was hidden or already stolen my sibling would come to me asking me for money as if I had at that age , i mean how many young children you know have money in their pockets ? While my sibling would ask me it and me replying I don’t have money, it began to begging and i would reply again I really don’t have money, well that only raged my sibling to continuously get the same reply to where it always ended up becoming physical, my sibling would push me against the wall and grab me by my throat lifting me up on the wall saying Just give me the money I’ll give it back , you know I won’t do you wrong I swear Word to The Mother! As a child who just lost their mother I took those words as my sibling swearing to our mother , I don’t know if that’s what my sibling meant but that’s what i interpreted from those words. 

Not being able to help my sibling i continued to age and continued to witness my sibling giving and devoting their entire life to drugs. It’s a sad thing to witness but at the Same time I had to go and try to run away and get as far away from all that toxicity. So what’s the moral to this,? From my personal experiences I recommend anyone who is around a toxic people weather it’s related or non related to get away from such situations. Staying around only can result to turning to drugs as well , and or never accomplishing anything productive in life. Yes trying to help such people in these habits can be attempted but once you tried your all and failed continuously then you’ll have to move on eventually, for it is not your journey to be a drug addict but theirs. And for the ones who are addicted to drugs of any sort realize that you aren’t only harming yourself you are harming your loved ones as well , remember their the ones who suffer the most while you just suffer the withdrawals of not having your fix they suffer watching you transform into someone who you wasn’t born to be watching you slowly deteriorate, lose weight, and watch you kill yourself . I would recommend that any addict should try to get clean and sober because even though the drug sensations feels good and you might think that the drug loves you and takes care you that’s a lie! Your loved ones are the ones who love you unconditionally.





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