Gatorland is a perfect family orientated travel location it’s located in Orlando, Florida For over 60 years, Gatorland has created fun, smiles and special memories for the millions of visitors who pass through its world-famous gator mouth entrance.

Founded by the late Owen Godwin in 1949, and still privately owned by his family today, Gatorland is a 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve that combines old Florida charm with exciting experiences, exhibits and entertainment, to make it Orlando’s Best Half Day Attraction. Being able myself to have visited this park i can say it was a good experience, entering the park was pretty easy the entrance line was long but it went fast which is always good because who enjoys waiting to enter a place, while standing in line the parks employees are interacting with everyone on line walking with snakes allowing you to pet them and so forth, so the adventure starts while waiting on line to go in the park which of your a Florida resident you enter at half off the original price. So Once you enter there are lots to do and see starting with the many animals they have such as Gators of course , wild cats , birds , crocodiles, snakes and critters , tortoises , you can do the gator zipline which is a separate price to the entrance fee. You can have birthday parties even with a set reservations and planning they have so many activities you can wrestle a gator which is pretty cool you can also feed the gators where you would go into a cage in a blocked off part of the gator pond , feeding the flamingos is also a great experience. Watching the live shows is great and exciting especially the younger crowd since there is always interaction involved. As I mentioned  before without giving much detail the zipline is pretty neat as well as you’ll fly over a very large gator pond pit and part of the woods. 

The overall experience is wonderful and wanting more I highly recommend this park to anyone it’s fun for all ages.  

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