So often we hear many say I wish I can become financially stable, I wish God would bless me with health, I wish one day I’ll have my own business. And so on … Well I believe that we already are granted these wishes. How’s that ? Well I’ll use myself for example and I can’t stress enough the matters, In 2017 I was Financally stable because I was working not one , not two , but three jobs, I was a certified Nurses Assistant and was employed within Hospice facility, I was also self employed where I used my certifications to provide medical care privetly , and I was self employed as a subcontractor for local franchise restaurants. Until I had a very bad car accident that nearly took my life. I was blessed with keeping my life but I had to learn how to stand again , use the restroom , walk, just so many things we take for granted. 8D1D7DF5-57CD-4D45-920A-6A74D25A2CBC



With God sparing my life, I lost All my employments, I had to go to therapy 5 days a week, for 2 hours a day. That became life. And it wasn’t pretty and it hasn’t been since then, Life has and is totally different now , and I’m just trying to adjust. Being denied for any sort of benefits I decided to go on and start my own website in efforts to earn some type of funds since I can’t use my strength physically I can still use my physical strengths meaning my body is out of commission but my mind isn’t. 

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Not feeding into everything that was going wrong in my life amongst many other things, I decided to invest in myself because like I said my body is out of commission not my mind. I decided to invest into launching my own website TheWorldOfMonalisa.Com in hunt for some sort of income doing affiliate programs , Collaborations with companies, Adsense, and so on.. which has been productive since the first day I’ve started. Imagine if I wouldn’t have tried and invested in myself I would have blocked my blessing.

In the midst of doing a lot of Self promotional advertisements I came across a young lady who was prom her own business line with a major company name ItWorks she distributes for, Meeting her was nothing grand at the moment because as a webinar I meet people from various companies everyday. Thinking nothing of it we became acquainted as we discussed what we both we’re doing to grow our businesses. She introduced me to the company she distributed for and asked me if I’d like to join her in the journey, being skeptical of the whole ordeal and not knowing what I was walking into, I said to myself what else do I have to lose ? If I don’t try how would I know ? I would be upset with myself knowing later on I let something great a blessing run through my fingers. So I didn’t procrastinate or think no more and collaborated with her in her business. And now my own website has grown by category for it’s already The-World-Of-Monalisa , I wanted for someday my website to expand and within 1 -1/2 month it grew to TheWorldOfMonalisaHEALTH


How amazing is that ?  Not only is my website providing informative articles now it’s providing Health Care products. Imagine if I would have blocked my own blessing without even knowing it. So fast forwarding a bit Since then business has been booming! The products literally sell themselves and the best part I to can use them the coffee taste great by the way. And now my grand blessing is my website grew and has become popular, I earn from companies others only buy from such as Google & Amazon. My web provides Health Care products from itworks and earn funds, I was able to expand even more and grow another category to my site TheWorldOfMonalisaSTORE I’m so happy that I didn’t block my blessing(s). Otherwise I still would have been feeling miserable, that I can’t continue to do something positive with my life or better yet be independent. 


Moral of my personal example of life and blessings overall is that only you can change any situation that your in. And taking chances aren’t always bad sometimes The greater invisible forces leak around us so we can make that change for our better and to grow.. So next time something comes your way and it makes you feel uncomfortable take the change! It might change your entire life! 


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