Yes we all take pride of our mommy stretch marks since they are memorable scars of when we carried our babies but let’s face it , our babies become grown and remain our babies for a lifetime, so why do the stretch marks have to stay behind ? Well let me tell you all about this great product ! It’s from Itworks and it’s a stretch mark cream that you apply and like magic the stretch marks disappear! So let me tell you about all the benefits of  this product. 

Your skin doesn’t end below your neck, so why should your skin care routine ? Experience luxurious hydration for all your skin with the nourishing botanicals of this non-greasy moisturizing body cream that leave your skin feel soft and smooth and looking more youthful. So what are the benefits from this body cream ? 

  • Enhances skin elasticity and firmness 
  • Balances skin tone with nourishing botanicals 
  • Rejuvenates and hydrates in a non-greasy formula 
  • Restores your skins youthful appearance 



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