I can remember back when, children would misbehave and parents would give their child a certain look and the child knew he/she did wrong and it was to be corrected immediately or they would be punished or spanked by their parent. That was wasn’t considered abuse that was called having respect & manors for your parents and their authority as your parent and any adult. It’s apparent that those times have drastically changed for the worst , now children are disrespecting their elders , parents and anyone of  authority. Parents are finding themselves desperate looking for help to raise and discipline their children outside of their homes. Turning to such programs one such called Scared Straight, where the parent/ guardian will give the state which in they reside in permission to take their child into a prison to be amongst prisoners, and given a scary tasktic to be scared straight into becoming a decent human being and a productive person towards society.  But many people would agree that it has been society that has allowed for children to be able to disrespect their parents and everyone with providing them protection as if parents were killing their children , yes in some cases parents do kill their children but I’m sure the statistical percentage weren’t because they were disciplining their children, but because the parent had mental issues , drug addiction, or just didn’t want the child. So why allow and give children such great leeway without actually protecting the parents as well. ?! 

Most children who are placed in such programs don’t learn the easy lesson given to them ,by a bunch of inmates /prisoners most who are convicted murderers themselves, I ask what can a convicted murderer someone who at one given point in their own life didn’t obey higher authority or respect the life of another , that they committed such crime ,can teach a young child ?  I feel as a convicted murderer for instance only would feel regret that they are in prison, let’s face it and speak so some truths here most murderers aren’t regretful that they committed such crime. Which leads to the safety of these youngsters coming in a prison full of convicts. Most of these young children come in the program and are scared briefly given two weeks later and their back to their old bad habits again . So what’s happening here ? Have parents truly lost all rights of their children and being a parent overall. ? For thoughts ,comments please join us in the message bar below.  

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