So much do people make the biggest mistake in life by taking their life for granted. I myself even fell in that category, as I took the smallest things in my life for granted, walking , standing , speaking, eating all the little things people don’t appreciate in life. July 2017 I was involved in a horrible car reck and my life stopped! After a week spent admitted in the hospital , I was bedridden, yet I pushed myself to get off the hospital bed and stand on my own , walk on my own , and even use the restroom on my own , even if it was holding on to objects and taking baby steps moving slower then a turtle  becasuse the pain was so intense and brutal. By then i was greatful to be alive!

After being released I had to attend to physical therapy 5x a week for 2 hours a day. I was in so my pain that I became nasty to everyone who would get next to me trying to help me take steps walking , standing , and even lifting my head. And deep down I was still wanting and determined to gain my normal life back. That has become a tough road to recovery. Through 6 months of therapy I became stable enough to walk yet not as fast paced as I would have normally, along with everything else that came along with the changes in my life sitting , laying down , talking, eating, using the restroom, A full body trama internal and external. 

It’s been one year and four months now and I still haven’t fully recovered. Therapy has ended Seven months ago and it felt and still feels as if I was just tossed aside from physical therapy. Since then I have continued therapy on my own but it’s not the same even though the motivation remains along with the prolonging massive and painful physical healing. It has also become one mental issue because let’s face it going from independent to retired over night has been a tough transition to adjust to.  Has anyone else been through this ? The injuries mentioned are just a few from many that I’m dealing with , I’m aware there are millions of people who deal with worst matters in a daily but for me it’s been a life changing and challenging experience. That has been the Toughtest Road to recovery. 

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