A girl competes with each other & Women Empower one another!

 I’m sure many women can relate or understood the meaning of this phrase, As it’s becoming to seem more often that more females are attacking each other seldom on a daily basis whether it’s on social media , or at in the works place, ..  But why ? Some day it could be jealousy, or mental issues that cause women to be disliked towards the same gender ? Some people might even say it’s a childish action for a women to attack another women without motive. My opinion is that if a female of age is being hateful , weather it’s jealousy or them having mental issues or is just a dramatic person because let’s face it some folks are just dramatic all around , or simply feeling some sort of way of another woman’s let it be over the lady’s accomplishments, gains / growths, success then Yes ! I consider that to be immature and childish to feel any way towards someone you do know personally .. I say be happy for the next female , woman because if one women comes up in life accomplishing major goals in her life she’s standing up for all women , I’m sure she’ll be the one to lift another who is down having been there once herself.  That woman can be your friend instead some women rather make an enemy instead. That’s is overall childish. If you don’t know that women personally then why look or judge her by the eyes and opinions of others ? That’s just being a follower and not a leader , Before judging someone for their reasons get to know them then maybe you’ll think otherwise. Going by stories and or opinions of others feelings towards a person is childish .  See with you eyes not your ears!  If your the type of woman who criticizes another woman’s accomplishments, doings , without physically knowing her , then there is a problem within yourself not the woman your disliking for doing what she needs to do in her life. And that behavior/feeling towards a another needs immediate attention to details. Because that’s not normal or sane.  

If your a women who tries your hardest to accomplish your most challenging life situations, and inspire other women to get an education, a career , to do better for themselves and their families: etc: Then I applaud you , it takes a strong minded hard working woman to not look down or see , even judge another for not doing or wanting to do something productive with their lives. 


As cliché as it sounds 

Overall in general All women should Empower one another , Support one another , even if one another don’t even know the next woman, give her show her respect as being the same gender as you , you know how difficult it is to be a women in today’s society, being a mother , wife, friend, independent woman, so why dislike or criticize the next woman ? Who is trying her best to live her life just the same as you but maybe not in the same way some rather not do productive things some might choose negative ways to handle their business but as long as it doesn’t effect you and your family why should you feel or think of the next another other way. ?! You wouldn’t like it if someone who doesn’t know you speaks , thinks , looks and feels some type of way so why would you do someone just the same ? Seems childish doesn’t it.  Some women might say “ I don’t care “ what others think, say, look , or feel about me and that’s fine and dandy but I’m sure you’ll also say she’s childish because she doesn’t know me,! Or has never met me in person do as such.! See where the hypocritical jumps out!? Ladies of age let’s act your ages start promoting ,protecting, encouraging, empowering the same sex gender. There’s no reason to be at war with your self over someone you don’t even personally know.  


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