Has you ever been in a bus or a restaurant etc:  or been in your social media page and scrolling down read some disturbing and shocking Posts,Comments and even social memes and such. With comments / posts etc:. Where a Man or Woman are speaking poorly of their children(s) other parent ? 


As the image shared above these are the messages that are being placed across the tables of Co-parenting. Seeing the majority of  these parents being young of age. Young adults from ages 18-26 are the ones who we see speaking poorly of the other parent. But why is this so ? It could be lack of maturity & parenting knowledge.

One thing is for sure and accurate that Any negative comment coming from either or parent being from the Mother or Father is not being a Good Parent!

Let’s speak the realities of the message that the parent is bringing across not only to the other parent but to the child that is in between these both parents.

“I HATE YOUR F*&#@% FATHER / MOTHER” among one of many other harshful negative comments any parent can say.  Not to fail to mention immature.  The message that is being placed to the children (s) is that not only do they “Hate” their mother or father but them as well . How so ? Because the children (s) no matter the age will feel that since Mom “Hates” their Dad. Mom also hates them because they are a part of their dad no matter how much a parent tells the children (s) I love you but I “Hate” your other parent. Children no matter the age love both parents and shouldn’t hear or read such ugliness and hatred towards them from one parent to the next parent.

Point for the parents to also mgive thought is that at one given time you as a women / man thought highly of the person where you decided to make them the parent of your child.  Even if there are differences and or dislikes towards the other parent your personal feelings have to be set aside and kept away from the one thing that is most important the children! Overall the effects and levels of happiness and peacefulness your children (s) will be knowing that both their parents couldn’t work things out within their relationship but they put up and respect each other for the children the one thing that once kept them together and the one thing they both get have in common their love and respect for their children (s).  

There’s nothing more important for children (s) regardless of age to have both parents at peace with each other. It teaches the children (s) how to be better parents one day themselves and husband/ wife.  



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