In the past few years  and the United States alone we’ve been seeing and hearing in the news of children being charged with adult crimes and for adult crimes. Such as murder , homicide , assault, felonies and so on: Just in 2017 there was a 11 year old who was charged with two felonies. On November 5, 2018 a 10 year old girl was charged with a homicide in a small town in Wisconsin. This truly caught my attention to say the least. As following the story which was very short and fast in my opinion. And has bothered me that the United States court system and government has failed this poor young child. How so ? Because there was no hard evidence or any hard core information given to the public about how this case went about or where it will go.  So here’s what we know , 

1-  The little 10 year old girl was a foster child , she has emotional issues. (Nothing different from many young kids who are in the governmental system, being placed from foster home to foster home). Due to the abandonment of their biological parents. 

2-  The girl was placed with fosters that owned and ran a daycare. 

3-  The 10 year old told police that she picked up one of the babies which was 6 months old and the baby fell from her arms , and reported that the baby hit his head with the stairs , and he began to cry , (as any baby would ) the 10 year old  reported that she got nervous when the baby fell and hit his head and started crying, and being panicked and afraid she stomped on the babies head. 

4-  She was charged with first degree homicide and charged as an adult. 

My concerns and questions looking at the evidence provided… 

  • The incident happened October 30th 2018, Five days later On November 5th 2018 she was accused and charged. (My Question ? How is it possible for such a delicate case be reviewed , evaluated and investigated much more closed in such short time.?! 
  • The incident happened in the daycare , where were the Adults, staff ? Video footage ? Brings me to comment on time frame , there were No adults around for quite some time enough for the 10 year old to walk to the infant, pickup the infant , drop the infant, react to the infant crying by stomping his head. It literally took me 2 minutes to type all that , I can imagine how long it took to reenact it. Where were the adults in this day ? It’s obvious they weren’t attending watching over the 10 year old or the 6 month old infant… Wouldn’t that be negligence ? & Wouldn’t that be punishable in a Court of law ? Because the incident happened on open hours of business & Care. Yet the owners ,teachers , staff weren’t no where around when the accident happened.
  • How was this case  thoroughly investigated ? 
  • Who was questioned / integrated in this case besides the 10 year old ? 
  • Was there mental health evaluation performed on this child ? Do that we know she already had emotional issues. 
  • Was there a thoroughly check from the state , social workers,towards the foster parents and the daycare to make sure they themselves were qualified. Since it is protocol that all applicants are reviewed throughly , to make sure they are financially stable, have enough space (a room) for the child (ren) to make sure they have time to attend doctor appointments , school meetings and overall look after these children. 
  • Was the daycare itself investigated from the date of the incident and prior dates of any accidents, reports , reviews on this daycare. 
  • Also since the incident happened in this daycare while in business hours will this daycare be under investigation and or shut down ?

Please leave your thoughts below.

This needs to stop young children killing , young children being charged as adults for crimes they committed innocently. It needs to stop that out court system and government programs and officials make such harsh and immature judgments. 

2 thoughts on “Children charged for Adult crimes.

  1. So heartbreaking. It’s already traumatizing enough for the little girl to be responsible for the infant’s death and then to be tried as an adult just makes matters worse. You’re absolutely right that the adults who own the daycare are the ones who should be penalized, not the little girl. Our prison system is broken and your article offers even further evidence of this.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Kate,
      When I saw this story I knew I had to share with the world because your correct when you say our system is broken there’s more articles that speak of these issues. Please stay tuned.

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