Now a days it seems as everyone is heading towards webinaring to gain status or earning money have it be with online businesses , courses , blogs, videos , pod casts , etc: the list goes on. As starting my own website of course TheWorldOfMonalisa I wanted to go ahead and earn income for provided my services , articles , recipes , and sharing my life overall because my life is my own story , so why not get paid to share such information. Well starting off my website was somewhat mind bobbling as I invested in a needed aspect such as a web host , which as mentioned in my past articles I use Siteground , and I also needed to invest in a domain which as mentioned as well I use Namecheap. Now that I had that on track I went along and started by giving permission to Google to go ahead and post advertisements on my website , there’s were I receive a payment from them each month. And just with Google alone as now being a webinar my website had to gain the most important part for me to gain a check was to gain any recognition a.k.a Audience .. So how did I go about gaining an audience? 

Well that’s quite easy believe it or not, (1) having a Facebook page already I went ahead and started to share my website name URL, articles, just overall mentioning it to everyone , everywhere on Facebook. I went ahead and even created a page for my website using my Facebook account I sent invites to all my friends list. Posting each day many times a day about and of my website, asking people to share .. Even though I’m not afraid to admit I have close to 800 personal friends simply on Facebook not ONE shared or liked my posts about my accomplishment with launching my new website. People just weren’t interested. As editing , writing & publishing my own articles. I knew I had to expand because let’s face it owning and running a successful and useful website is hard work but ever so worth it. (2) So I went ahead and used what I already had in hand I went off to my other social media site Instagram. It was a personal account and changed it to a business account changed my profile picture with my logo for starters, starting looking for others with the Niche which is lifestyle and with that , I had no limit I posted daily , interacted with others messaged those who will follow my website with a simple ~Thank you for following~ And my websites link address Attached. Shortly but surly I started gaining more audiences. But I needed more now that by this Time I was doing affiliates with Amazon another site that I partnered with to earn monthly income. (3) So I knew I needed to expand my horizons (4) so I went off to Twitter made a business account and started to share everything from my website I interact with my followers , again messaging all the new followers anyone who mentions my websites name or give a shout out as it’s called I retweet them and return the favor in a sense , remember everyone you connect in a online business level is trying to gain audience as well. Help one another! There’s enough audience to go around and spare! My numbers kept going up and I started to expand well my website started to grow and be known better said. (5)  So I opened up shop in multiple places such as Pinterest , (6) Tumblr ,(7) Bloglovin by now I have Instagram contacting me wanting me to join thier new app site named (8) DayFlash which there I have gained tons of followers daily just like every single media site. And believe it or not the one I less attend to meaning I don’t spend not even 4 minutes in daily is the one I gain the most audience from which is Pinterest . So In all these media stations I promote , interact, edit & post random thoughts images , because again people like to see and know that the person behind the logo is a real person , people like to feel like their opinion and their attendance matters which in the World Wide Web IT DOES! I tend to always go the extra mile and do fun interactions with my audience since let’s be realistic I personally can’t thank or greet every single one so I do giveaways , since if you have a webpage and are consistently in the media’s eye you get freebies and cool stuff so instead of keeping these treats pass them on to your followers, I’ve found it easy to do giveaway raffles , so for example I’ll promote something I personally won before Halloween I did a survey and won a $500 gift card to Target. Instead of using it on myself I did an interaction activity with my followers, and all they had to do to enter was go to my website here i am promoting it once again and join by email Subscription. Everyone who subscribes to my email Subscription I get notice of from the dashboard of my stats of my website along with how many clicks , likes , etc; but you should know this by now… once the date is up I pull a random name and that’s the winner , me having their email address I send that one person a congratulations letter with questions on where they would like me to mail their gift card they’ve just won. And telling them Once again ~Thank you~ for being a follower as I mentioned to them when they first followed and now again for interaction and signing up to my email Subscription. It’s called appreciation, and good online customer service in a sense. 

So if I had to give any other advice it is to know what you want out of your website or media site first and know it’s not just about providing informative information but it’s one a lot of work to maintain a useful and successful business it’s not just posting or uploading pretty things there’s tons of things in the back room that needs to take place to keep it running as a business. There’s where you will be successful. 

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