The Ocala National Forest established in 1908 takes up 430,447 acres of owned property, That’s 673 miles worth of land,  Society has moved in the forest and only owns – resides within 11 miles of that great portion of the forest. Besides the living amongst the many wild animals The Ocala National Forest has such as black bears , white – tailed deers, raccoons, wildcats ,bobcats , alligators , frogs , wild hogs, snakes , wolfs , bats , wild boar, and numerous small animals, including squirrels, coyote, gray fox, red fox, opossum, river otter, skunk, southeastern pocket gopher, and nine-banded armadillo can be found as well. And The sandy soil is home to the gopher tortoise. And that’s just to name a few .. There is currently no Human population Stats recorded in the Ocala National Forest For there are just a few hundred families that actually reside within the depths of the forest. Even though the population stats records show that in the town of Ocala is 59,110 which was recorded in (2017) . The Ocala National Forest is a peaceful place to reside in as long as your a nature fan and don’t mind peace and quite with your seldom barking hunting dogs or mind hearing the cries of a lost deer , the roaring of a black bear from time to time, and the mating alligators and the sounds of thousands of frogs in the middle of the night, and the chirping of the birds and crowing of the roosters in the 



However many to none of the residents and most of the United States and neighboring towns aren’t aware of what’s truly around them besides all the wildlife. 

Sitting down before the pond one evening I started to see big booming light flashings , it looked like lighting strikes but wider by thousands in width size, observing it more as it kept on in the same location it seemed as explosives because I knew that lighting doesn’t strike in the same place twice and these flashes were consistent I counted more then 20. Thinking nothing of it I went along with my evening and soon pushing the thought of it to the side of my mind. As anther quite evening came about few months later and I started to do nearby searches wanting to know what is around me and what’s really in the forest overall familiarizing myself with the many animals by picture and story of course. And here’s where I came across the discovery of One of my neighboring neighbors are the Navy Impact (Bombing) Range.! 


Its called the Pine Castle Bombing Range and it’s located in The Ocala National Forest in Florida. Now at a Wow! I wanted to know more about this place since it’s ever so close to what I call and consider home. The Pinecastle Bombing Range is an un-fenced 5,760 – acre area, with the eastern edge of the range located about 2 miles west of State Road 19 and the Camp Ocala Campgrounds, and one-half mile west of Farles Lake Campground. F-18 Jet Fighters and other aircrafts take off from Jacksonville Naval Air Station , fly low over the forest , and drop their bombs in the middle of 450 acres of the range. And this is NOT quoted by anyone including myself . I have also read in other articles that the range IS fenced. Not that it would  all any difference an explosion won’t be contained by a fence , if we speak reality.  So they say that the reasons for them bombing in the forest is for training purposes, as far as how much truths there is to that I wouldn’t know . What I do know is that when they bomb into their ranged location due that they are bombing in the forest home of the many animals in the wilderness , it does spook , scare away all the scavenging wildlife that is in their marking territory, which is where it becomes now a bit dangerous for the few hundreds of local residents. For this is when we will see more animals roaming in our properties. 


So the next time traveling within the Ocala National Forest be alert of anything. 


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