Normally when being a first time parent we all have those overreacting moments when we overreact on everything we allow out first Born..

SLEEP: We expect the baby to wake up every hour on the hour to feed as baby or parenting book & Doctors recommend or mention. But in all truths any and all senior parents can tell to every newbie parent if a baby doesn’t wake every hour on the hour for feeding then THAT’S OKAY. In the first few weeks of the baby being born sleep is one of the most important parts of growth. So don’t interrupt your child while he/she is 8n a profound sleep. There’s no such thing as over sleeping! Especially when it comes to infants. 

FEEDING: Again as new parents we want to make sure our infant is well fed , and we mainly follow the advices of what phyicans , parenting articles tell us. And again all senior parents will tell all new parents to go by what your baby wants if your baby is giving you the indication that he/she is hungry and still wants to nurse wheather it’s from breastfeeding or formulated feed, then Feed your infant , keep in mind that not every baby is the same and once you’ve had your second & third child you will acknowledge this and see that what all the parenting articles and what our doctors recommend are just opinions of scientific statisticals in research FDA food and administration laws . It’s like if the FDA recommends you to drink wine daily because their studies show its healthy for you , are you going to drink wine and become a whino ? I think and hope not.. Well same thing with foods and drinks etc: 

When it comes to feeding your child remember if your baby is chubby keep in mind that your baby isn’t overweight! That’s all baby fat and that will desolve with aging , if your child is thinner then that doesn’t mean your child is underweight, that can simply mean your baby is going to be patite this comes from heritage. Your baby will tell you show you when he/she has had enough to eat or drink so don’t be afraid to feed your child more then recommend your baby won’t become overweight overnight.. 

This takes me to a memory of my first born as he was a long child at birth he was 21” long and weighed 6’5oz slender I could say. And at 6 months I was feeding my first born grown up food mashed potatoes, mushed rice , even a chicken wing here and there and he would suck the chicken until it desolved in his month , Remember even though my child at the time had only 3-4 teeth when we are born we have all natural instincts of chewing, breathing, having bowl movements , swallowing, etc. And all babies are born with these natural instincts. So don’t be afraid of feeding your baby to thier needs and wants. Once the child is of a toddler age there where you take control of how much food intake your child should have and yet to an extent. Because again your child is still in the growing stages and your child will continue these stages until 24 years old if male and if a female up to the age of 26 years of age.

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