It’s been known to man to eat meat of any sort to our likings , throughout the years people have become vegetarians for many reasons since it is also known that the United States government inject our meat with hormones and many other toxins that aren’t healthy for the human body. And then we have the meat lovers who despite what the government injects our meat with they choose to eat meat.

However what eats my nerves is the one thing I’m sure gets others nerves kicking, which is the critical people who eat meat on an everyday basis and even more on holidays such as eating chicken , Turkey, Hamburgers etc. And when they see another meat lover hunt and kill even more prepare to eat another type of meat that the other meat lovers wouldn’t eat or try , they criticize immediately but why ? Being a meat lover these people eat turkey, chicken and even hamburgers etc: that being hypocritical of them if the shoe fits. Right ? My question why criticize if Turkey is an animal that is hunted for all Americans in the United States and millions of people purchase Turkeys , everyday millions of people go to fast food places to eat hamburgers which comes from cows that are raised in farms to kill in it’s process , chickens are the same they are raised them killed .. So what’s the big  Overexaggeration if Meat lovers tend to skip the steps of the governments reproductive system and hunt themselves for their meat source ? I understand those who are vegetarians and don’t eat meat at all for them to be the ones to speak protests and so fourth but coming from a person who already eats meat as well , um yeah that’s hypocritical and ignorant to speak of any other who chooses to eat deer , goat, or any other meat.


Deers are hunted by the government just as our local hunters hunt for these animals. Only differences is that our local hunters take pictures of thier catch and the government don’t because their catches are much greater then just one deer etc:


Turkey’s are hunted the same from the government again the only difference is that local hunters take a picture of their catch a pose to the government they raise turkeys in farms and kill their turkeys in bulk so millions of Americans can have and place a turkey on thier center table each year.  And they do yet find it in thier ignorant minds to criticize those who choose to put a deer or another sort of meat.

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