HIV Also called: human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

What are the symptoms: Requires a medical diagnosis
Within a few weeks of HIV infection, flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and fatigue can occur. Then the disease is usually asymptomatic until it progresses to AIDS. AIDS symptoms include weight loss, fever or night sweats, fatigue, and recurrent infections.
People may experience:
Pain areas: in the abdomen
Pain circumstances: can occur while swallowing
Cough: can be dry
Whole body: fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, malaise, night sweats, or sweating
Gastrointestinal: nausea, persistent diarrhea, vomiting, or watery diarrhea
Mouth: ulcers or white tongue
Groin: sores or swelling
Throat: difficulty swallowing or soreness
Also common: opportunistic infection, headache, oral thrush, pneumonia, red blotches, severe unintentional weight loss, skin rash, or swollen lymph nodes. 
What are some treatments: Treatment consists of HIV antivirals

No cure exists for AIDS, but strict adherence to anti-retroviral therapy (ART) can dramatically slow the disease’s progress, prevent secondary infections and complications, and prolong life. 
HIV / Aids effects everyone and it must be supported by everyone. Many people have the misconception that if a person has the virus that it’s because they had unsafe sex which is Not always the case.  Contracting the virus can also be from using drugs , or from open sore contact. Some folks even to this day believe that if a person has the virus they can not be hugged or kissed because they will get infected. Which is pure ignorance HIV / Aids CAN NOT be contracted by touching someone who has the virus. 
I urge everyone to properly educate themselves about the virus before acting upon!” 
Joshua Rosario King 

Mr. Joshua Rosario King, A Great friend within the community of TheWorldOfMonalisa Who Fights against HIV/Aids and is an activist in Prevention and educating about the virus, among many positive uplifting organizations.


His testimony and voice! 

My God has it been a journey. If people only knew the daily mental, emotional and physical fight to get out of bed and go through a day living with HIV. Just one day, Most don’t have support, others don’t know God many do not have family. I was blessed to have all three but the fight continues day after day. I choose to win, I choose to allow God to order every step and fight every battle. For those who don’t have support or family or know God I am here to sag you have family and support and God never left you. Faith community restoration center and vision wellness foundation is now your support and family.  I strive to be the voice for those who think they don’t matter. You matter! Your voice matters! (JRK) 


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