I’ve never been a believer in the concept of ‘growing old gracefully’. In fact, the older I get, the less I give a crap, and I imagine that wil carry on well into old age. That’s also the case for this group of ladies from the UK, who aren’t going to let advancing years get in the way of having a raucous good time.

At their own request, the ladies of Milton Lodge retirement home Colchester, England, recently enjoyed a catered dinner straight out of the movie Magic Mike.

It all started with a wish. The home runs a program called “The Sparkle Initiative,” where staff raise money to fulfill the residents’ wishes. Usually, those wishes are pretty wholesome, like a day out at the promenade, or going to see a long-lost relative on the other side of the country. However, 89 year-old resident Joan Corp had other ideas altogether.

When staff asked 89-year-old resident Joan Corp what she wanted, her response was simple: “a man.”


At first, they thought Joan was just joking. But as time went on, the staff brought it up a few more times, and her answer was always the same. This is a woman who knows what she wants!

Joan officially requested that the Milton Lodge bring in a bunch of male exotic dancers, and the staff were left in a bit of a conundrum over what to do. I mean, it’s her wish and all, but is it appropriate for a nursing home?

We had a chat here and everyone was really keen to support it,” said activities co-director Claire Martin. “We had a look online and found a company called Hunks in Trunks.”

Hunks in Trunks is a successful catering and entertainment company based in the UK, which hires out nude and nearly nude men for bachelorette parties and other such events. They have a nude butler service, which is what Milton Lodge decided to be for.

When the Hunks in Trunks arrived for the dinner, Martin went over what the Milton Lodge expected of them and laid down some ground rules. “We asked them to do some harmless flirting, it doesn’t matter how old you are, so why not?” Martin said. “The ladies were really excited, they had all been giggling and they dressed up.”


The ladies were obviously very excited for the big night, and who can blame them?

The Hunks in Trunks served a delicious dinner, in a very scant costume, for 23–11 of the Milton Lodge residents, as well as some of their daughters and granddaughter’s. There was plenty of flirting and food all night long, and the three-course meal that they served went over very well with guests.

And after everyone had finished eating, the Hunks in Trunks treated all the ladies to massages. Milton Lodge were certainly getting their money’s worth!

“I had the front seat,” said resident Gladas Smith, 82. “It made quite a change and the boys done well. It was a good evening.”

Milton Lodge’s oldest resident, Doll Jenkins, 99, was also impressed. “After it had all finished, Doll told the staff she wanted them back for her 100th birthday, so we are going to have them back,” Martin said.

The story has gone viral since it happened, appearing in newspapers across the UK and around the world. Milton Lodge director Trui Snee was pretty blown away by the response: “It’s unbelievable that it has gone so crazy. It was never done for publicity, it was what the residents wanted.”


Some people objected to it, as is always the case when a story breaks online, but Milton Lodge staff don’t care. “Our saying is life doesn’t stop because you are in a care home” Trui said. “We will continue to do this as a team and go above and beyond.”

I think it’s fantastic that Milton Lodge were willing to accommodate the wishes of their guest, even if they were on the raunchy side. Everyone involved wanted to be there, and it looks like everybody had a great time!


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