Ever caught yourself having a dejavú moment ? Well I believe when one has those moments it’s normally because they have once in their life had mental thoughts of such  moment whether it was in the form of wanting the moment to happen, form of a dream, form of a discussion, form of a desire, etc: But the one mistake people tend to make is not choose wisely! Like the old phase (Be careful what you wish for because you might get what you wished for and then some) well this is almost the same thing  let me explain.

People need to WATCH THEIR THOUGHTS!  Becasuse those thoughts become their words. Example: Someone will be at their place of employment and start to think (I hate my job ) It’s Guaranteed sooner or later they Will be speaking to someone and they will speak about what once was just their thoughts about how they hate their job.

So what happens after ? Their WORDS BECOME THEIR ACTIONS! Example: Now that the person has already had such thoughts and are already talking about how they hate their job. Those same words will become their actions, how so ? Let me explain .. Since it’s the job they hate In given time their working ethics will change, their attendance will become poorly unacceptable which will come to the ending result of the employers cutting their hours, suspensions, warnings, other coworkers will not want to associate with this personal simply because everything that circles their job work place will be negative thoughts and words into actions. 

So what happens after ? ACTIONS BECOME HABITS! Example:  Now that this person has first started just having THOUGHTS that became WORDS that became ACTIONS now those actions become HABITS! Let me explain .. Once they’ve reached to this level it’s somewhat difficult to reverse any of these issues because as we all know Habits become an everyday action, thought, basically a way of life. Now that person will be so convinced that they truly hate their job and won’t do anything to change it but the thought has changed them without them even knowing.  Because to them it’s normal that type of thinking their way of speaking their actions their habits .. Which is so dangerous because now those HABITS BECOME THEIR CHARACTER!  Let me explain .. 

Now that their habits have taken over their entire lives it’ll next take over their character, their just ugly overall from mind , body , and soul , their way of speaking to others and about themselves and everything constructive around them  their job their family their relationships with everyone and anyone. Like they’ve become a monster in a sense. And what happens when they’ve reached this level they probably by now lost their job which they started thinking they hate ever so much which in a reality their was really nothing ever so bad or horrific that they needed to hate their job. So where does this lead these people ? THEIR CHARACTER BECOMES THEIR DESTINY! 

What’s thier destiny ? I think we can all come to the conclusion so let me explain .. Their destiny will be a life of maybe never getting hired with that big company which will lead to low income jobs career paths , struggles , that’s will bring their personal businesses under water , their relationships will be effected by it. Which might bring a brake up which leads to a family broken up , children being against this person the ex spouse as well the entire family and friends as well.  The list goes on , and what happens the person becomes more ugly and negative simply from one tiny thought . 

This is why it’s so important to overview every thought one has on a daily and hourly basis, leads me to end this article saying and reminding …








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