What is there left to the holiday madness !? I ask myself with so much going on in life right now who needs the extra – $&#! ? So this is where I find life to be the most surreal, even though it’s with most things we as adults already know such as misery loves company, You can’t ask or make a person change even if for their bettering. Negative love negative! And the list goes on… So dealing with your own personal issues within , the holidays I find that we most set those issues aside to accommodate others. For most and in my eyes it’s mainly women who set aside the most neglecting themselves and not for the holidays but the holidays seems to be the one time in the year we’re most negligent to ourselves.  If I sit here and tell my list you’ll probably ask or say how is she not the grinch. When now a days seeing the holidays is just like another other day becoming less festive with small joys of the holidays. Not out of misery, I’ve never been depressed to the point of misery , however life situations lead me to not want to celebrate as beforehand. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this so there’s no need for me to pity myself or seem / ask for sorrow.  I guess the older we get the less we want to do , being tired of situations in life is one of the main reasons, I’m sure many can agree , The holidays don’t make situations any better , even though we are normally happy go lucky type of people and have a bubbly character life doesn’t STOP! Life continues to be life! I normally am a very alert person and observed to people ,actions,words, behaviors etc: and I’ve notice a lot of people just are falling for what the world tells you how to feel and be , let me explain, social media for one tells people in form of memes pictures and or quotes and both at times of how a person should feel if a loved one passes away, instead of the person feeling exactly how they should feel emotionally they start to act upon how these memes , social media quotes feeds their minds on how to feel. I’m left asking myself am I cold ?  And my answer is No! I’m not a cold person , mean yes I can be that’s a choice at times just like the next but that’s a normal action . So I’m not weird lol, So I ask myself when did people forget about the passing knowledge? In pre-k and kindergarten people are taught seperation, there’s a reason for this , besides leaving our kids at school for half a day or 8 hours a day. Being taught Separation,  is preparing us for adulthood for when life separates us from our loved ones , pets : etc. So here’s another question I ask myself when did people forget about the day of seperation ? I’m not trying to be ugly or offend anyone because I too grieve and miss my belated loved ones but I don’t dwell throughout every second of the day feeling negative or miserable because of a passing. I think that’s a life situation that must be learned alone I guess.  People die , we all will pass on one day, instead of feeling sorry or miserable or negative why not learn the life lesson? I know everyone has their own different ways of thinking but if it’s one thing that is surtían is that we all have the same feelings we all hurt the same. No hurt is greater then the next or prior. So why categorize yourselves. Because a meme on social media reads something similar to what u think your feeling.  ? Yeah the holidays most definitely don’t help.


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