Ever have such dreams that leave you wondering ? Let me tell you my dream , yesterday evening after my dinner I went on to watch movies on Netflix after watching a series full season of  Good girls , I continued to search I came across a movie of 9-11 investigations ( I don’t recall the name ) but it consisted of telling the story of the thous of people who lost their lives on the event of 9-11. It being my home town I decided to watch it , in the 44 minute movie they spoke about how the medical examiner(s) came with new technologies since the 9-11 attack to find more accurate results in identifying those who lost their lives. Many were identified and sent home to their families and many have yet been identified due to poor technology. It was an informative movie. Shortly after it finished I snuggled up and went to sleep . I hardly have dreams but last night it was my turn , I dreamt that I was walking with a male whom I don’t know who it was in real life but in my dream I knew him and was comfortable with in my dream I was walking with the male down a hallway that seemed as an out door hallway of a motel with many doors as were walking there is another male who in real life I don’t know he seemed as a soldier dressed in what appeared to be army fatigue he even had a dog tag as they call their identification tags , walking towards him as he was holding on to the banister slouching even he was missing Half of his body from his waist down. In my dream I somewhat felt uncomfortable but kept walking towards the injured male. He was light-colored caramel color like bald and his height was about 5’7” ish he seemed to be Latino .. There was also an older lady freaking out over him in my dream it was interprétated that was her son , she was short , Latina , somewhat heavy-set and blonde hair , she was white colored. She kept going in and out the door they were next to yelling and crying . As I and the male that was walking with me got to the injured man, I remember looking into one of those doors as I seen the injured mans bottom half , I kept walking, now reaching the injured man , the other male that was walking with me went inside the door where the lady was coming in and out of,  as I looked he was in a kitchen sitting at the table with what appeared to be a calendar but in that calendar it had a picture of the injured man , he was filling out what seemed as a form, in the same time I turned to the injured man and he was getting closer to me as he dragged himself towards me holding on to the banister but the weird thing was that I knew In my dream that he had no bottom half yet every time I looked at him he had his body entacted , as he reached inches away from me I turned towards the male that was sitting at the table he seemed lost & confused , at the same time the injured man asked him what? What you want ? (Keep in mind the interpretation in my dream the injured man was wanted and we were looking for him ) Go figure. Anywhos then man at the table asked him something I couldn’t hear anything not even the lady yelling or crying but I did hear the injured man asking What!? What do you want !? Then he said  (Eugene Diaz 3172 ) it felt like he literally was saying it in my ear. In my dream as it was all playing out I knew I had to take something about my dream with me when I wake up. Weirdly knowing in my dream that I was soon to wake up.  

And so I did wake up still groggy and not fully woken I got up and went to the restroom and laid back down trying to fall fast asleep so I can enter the dream again . Not being able to it Cosme it me the injured mans words ..  I don’t know what they mean or what the meaning of the Dream was , I don’t know if  it was meant for me to get that name and number out there for someone else. I did the replay of the dream in my head and I recall the moment he mentioned 3172 I automatically felt in my dream he was speaking of the month of March the date 1 and year 72 =3172 I also thought it out and figure it could be the 31st of March of the year 72. =3172 what ever it is I hope this dream story reaches its destination. 

Anyone with any sense to my dream please feel free to contact me at the contact link provided in this site. 

Thank you and Sweet Dreams ⭐️ 🌙 

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