I’m sure there are many that can relate whether it’s being the one who has been deceived or being the deceiver either way everyone is believing the lie. 



December 2015. While back on social media a man was on a hunt for fresh meat, a lady friend that he can gobble her mind , control her feelings by manipulation all for his personal reasons, maybe it was as a revenge to all women he crossed paths with as this one woman starts to feel, and even has come to question his reasons of being so cold with her from time to time feeling and some what realizing she’s been deceived, How did it all begin ?  .. One December day while a lady by the name of Asia was sharing her families pictures on her Facebook page with friends and family she noticed a message on her messenger, it was one of someone she didn’t know, curiously  lead her to open the message, it was a man name Alfred that wrote hello how are you ?. Asia being friendly as she’s always been she replied Hello who are you , do I know you? Alfred replied saying no I saw you and wanted to ask you a question. Asia replied ok ask away and by the way I’m married! So no I’m not interested!.  As she somewhat knew what this random man wanted from her , and her not being interested at all since she was very happy in her marriage even though she complained from time to time how no one helped around the house just as many wives, mothers do. Sure there were issues in her life but nothing out of the norm. Alfred replied to her and said yes I can see from your profile picture you are married that’s ok and went on and  asked Asia are you happy ? Asia replied Yes! Not that it’s any of your business please don’t bother me i have a life and family to attend to!. Alfred replied No that type of happy in bed ?, Asia automatically knew what he was asking her and felt disrespected as a honest woman. Filled with anger she replied to Alfred saying that is none of your business please do not send me any more messages I’m not interested I’m very happy where I am. Thank you and have yourself a good day. Alfred quickly replied back apologizing for his rudeness and disrespectful manner. Asia didn’t reply back.

The next day comes and Asia would of normally mentioned the out of the blue message to her husband but figured she handled it well and it wasn’t that big of a deal since she had turned her cheek to many other flirting men in the past she figured this was just one of those situations. So Asia was going about her daily routine with her family. And her phone alerts her of receiving a message , as Asia’s friends and family always messaged her she went along and looked  to see who was messaging her to her surprise it was once again Alfred, this time he wrote her saying how he couldn’t stop thinking about her and how he in his heart knows she wasn’t happy because of her eyes in her profile picture on social media. Asia didn’t know what to say or do she panics and foolishly replies back what do you want from me what is my life any of your business!?. As a bit of the New Yorker in her came out. He replied I want to meet you I need to know your happy Asia replied look at my picture it lasts longer. Alfred replied it’s not the same. Soon after Alfred persistence lead Asia bold as the tough woman from New York that she was to want to meet Alfred to show him he doesn’t put fear in her heart and that she wasn’t to be played with. Since she was always the type of woman that walked with her head up high and straight and serious face. Overall and Deep down she was a thuggish female. Not of choice but because of her upbringing that was all she knew her character and persona to be. After a few weeks past and being harassed and begged by Alfred daily Asia caved to a public meet, Asia seemed to run out of excuses as if he was anyone important to her to give an excuse to. By now Alfred’s messages seemed and began to be of something normal in her life. He became familiar in a sense . 

The day of meeting Alfred which was Asia’s way of confronting this stalker arrived,  she agreed to meet him somewhere she knew, her local Wal-Mart parking lot she knew she’d be safe there since she knew almost everyone having worked there herself a few years prior. She figured there are cameras so if he was a wacko and tried to abduct her it would be all on video surveillance. It was the first or second week January of 2016. Asia went to meet the man who wouldn’t stop messaging her by now she was curious to see who he really was. As she drove into the parking lot she became fearless and bold enough even for herself as she messaged Alfred asking him what vehicle was he driving, as he replied it was a 2000 burgundy Gran am prix, Asia spotted the car immediately and parked across from it , she thought if she’d park to close he can snatch her and force her into his car , not knowing if he was alone or not. Being very cautious she looked at him from the inside of her car , thinking in her head what was she doing , as the other part of her told her stand up for yourself show you are not a coward ! Asia now steps out her car and walks toward Alfred’s car he never got out his car she noticed he was staring at her crouch as she stood at a distance of his car door, that raged her inside, she said my face is up here not down there! As his face showed he felt embarrassed by being noticed. Asia looking around her surroundings in hopes someone would notice her or even her husband coming to save the day. She had short words with Alfred none which were important and she told him she had to leave she gave him a pound which is not a hand shake but a fist to fist tap and walked off back to her car where she then went back home to her family. Feeling nervous as any moment in her life , this was something Asia has never done not even while she was young and single much less while in the relationship with her husband. She was relieved it was over. Even though Alfred didn’t seem harmful at all since Asia has seen and been around many intimidating scary people in her upbringing. Seemed as Soon as Alfred returned to his home he messaged Asia telling her how nice it was to meet her and how much more beautiful she was more then from her social media profile picture. That’s when it all became to friendly. When Asia replied back saying thank you, it was like Alfred had hooked his bait, shortly after the messages began being more persistent from Alfred where he was suggesting and requesting for public meetings “just to talk” as he reassured. Alfred by then has opened up to Asia or so she guess by telling her about his 3 estranged children and his current unhappy relationship. Asia never  mentioned about herself or her life as she didn’t want Alfred to know about her besides she was married and had children having a normal & happy life. It was like Asia was his psychiatrist in a sense. Listening to all his sadness of not having a relationship with his kids, being unhealthy, unhappy, within himself and in his relationship and his entire life so he made it seem with all his sad stories one thing Asia always noticed was he always found a way to bring up the conversation of sex. In the. Back of. Asia’s mind she knew he was doing that to get to her head as a mind fuck. Around the 3rd month of contact in a public area in his car or Asia’s by now Alfred became touchy he would tell his stories and place his hand on Asia’s knee, which always brought her husband to mind as she remembered how her husband once her boyfriend put a drug dealer in his place for placing his hand on he knee as he spoke to her. And so every time Alfred would get touchy and place his hand on Asia’s knee she would make an excuse to have to go, because she knew it was wrong what she was doing, no one meaning her husband and kids not knowing about her whereabouts for short times occasionally. She didn’t want anything to happen between herself and Alfred that was never her intention, she wanted to make Alfred scared of her and to gain respect for her since she was a woman who stood of just that. By this time Asia’s afraid to mention anything to her husband, her best friend and partner in crime as he was considered Clyde and Asia Bonnie, Fred & Wilma, to many even. Asia was afraid, scared how her husband would react towards the whole situation. Therefore Asia kept it to herself. That she’s now sneaking away for 5-20 minutes each day just to say hello even as it was always requested by Alfred and Asia fell for it because it was something sweet to the ears to hear, where Alfred’s sad tales became heartwarming in a sense even though Asia was cold hearted to everyone but loved and adored those in her life even though she didn’t know how to show it at times but she was appreciative in heart, mind & soul ! 

What happens next the unexpected & unbelievable ! 

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