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Here we have Hispanic & Other Cultured food & drink Recipes that you can purchase.All the food and drinks are homemade recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and now TheWorldOfMonalisa is sharing them with you so they can continue to be passed down! Our recipes are simple to read & easy to prepare as you’ll receive a step-by-step written PDF tutorial recipe card. That’ll be easy to store & reuse or print from any device. 

If Assistance is needed you may contact us via Email using “Store Support” on the Subject line TheWorldOfMonalisa@Gmail.Com In advance We Thank You for your Purchase and  Support. Please feel free to Submit your Feedback, suggestions and or testimonials using our recipe services.

Home-style Maple Honey Ham
Bacalaitos / Fish Fritters
Maple Sage Butter Turkey
Coquito/Spanish Eggnog
Coquito/ Spanish Eggnog with or without Rum
Blood Orange Whiskey












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